PID Sensor technology

As the focus on air quality for health, safety, and environmental reasons continues to grow in importance, protecting against exposure to VOCs (volatile organic compounds) has also been recognised as essential.

ION Science and Blackline Safety are joining together as experts in PID technology and worker safety to discuss how to detect VOCs and prevent harmful exposure to employees where possible. This exclusive webinar, hosted by Health and Safety Matters, will outline how businesses can prepare for and combat these dangers with advanced technology solutions.

When it comes to helping workers stay safe and healthy in potentially dangerous situations, both ION Science and Blackline Safety are industry leading providers. ION Science is the market leader for providing PID sensor technology – Blackline Safety uses ION Science’s MiniPID sensor range in its G7 instruments.

Join ION Science and Blackline Safety at the Health and Safety Matters webinar on the 18th November 2021 at 10.30 AM, for insight into how to detect VOCs, understanding what PID technology is, and why VOCs pose a serious health and safety concern.

Joining from ION Science is Pete Morris, Business Unit Manager for sensors, and from Blackline Safety the webinar welcomes Ilaria Tramelli, PID Specialist.

Monitoring everyday exposure to VOC gases — Protecting your workers against hidden hazards Webinar

18th November 2021 at 10:30 AM

“1 worker dies every 30 seconds due to exposure to toxic gases in the workplace.”

UN Report, 2019. Can you be sure you are keeping your employees safe by effectively monitoring air quality?

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