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UK-based gas-detection industry leaders ION Science to attend US tech event Sensors Expo.

One of the world’s leading PID (photoionisation detection) sensor manufacturers, ION Science, are pleased to announce they will be exhibiting at US-based technology event Sensors Expo. ION Science will be showcasing products including their industry-leading MiniPID2 Sensor, at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Attendees can visit, trial products, and talk to experts in the Exhibit Hall from the 22nd – 23rd of September.

Check out the world leaders in gas detection instruments in the Exhibit Halls at the Sensors Expo. Register now at:

Sensors Expo is an electronics event that has been running for 36 years, with a focus on sensor technology. Since its inception, Sensors Expo has broadened its horizons and diversified to include electronics technologies and embedded systems that are compatible with sensors. The highly anticipated annual event explores the entire sensors ecosystem, from sensing to processing to analysing and connecting. The Expo will showcase the newest tech and innovations, interactive demonstrations and in-person networking, within the safest environment possible.

With experience of working with the semiconductor industry and a clear understanding of the requirements around VOC sensors in such strict environments, ION Science will be demonstrating this knowledge in full at Sensors Expo. Applying their PID sensors to monitor the manufacturing of semiconductors is a key part of ION Science’s work within the sector, and uses their range of sensors primarily, but also their fixed, portable and personal units to maintain these highly sensitive environments.

ION Science will be showcasing their range of products for the attendees of the expo, including their flagship product – the MiniPID2 sensor. This is designed for detecting VOCs over the widest dynamic range on the market without compromising performance. It can deliver a reliable response to thousands of VOCs across many applications. The sensor is resistant to up to 99% humidity and is the number one choice in terms of reliability and accuracy in readings for VOC gases. It is also the market leader in terms of product lifespan- having a 10,000 hour lamp life. The MiniPID2 is designed for both diffusive and in-line pumped sampling and is one of the range of products that ION Science will have at their exhibit for Sensors Expo.

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As a company dedicated to improving air quality at every level, ION Science manufacture a range of sensors to make this possible, such as the High Sensitivity VOC Gas Sensor. This sensor is up to fifteen times more sensitive than other leading market products and can detect sub ppb VOC levels. This means that it is suited for use in indoor air quality measurement, where early detection of rising levels in VOCs can allow users to be proactive before it reaches dangerous levels.

ION Science has over thirty years of industry experience designing, manufacturing, and supplying PID gas sensors, detection instruments, and leak detectors for a wide range of industries and applications. Manufactured and designed at their UK headquarters, their sensor technology and gas detection instruments are used in many industries, including electrical and component manufacture, such as semiconductors.

Check out the world leaders in gas detection instruments in the Exhibit Halls at the Sensors Expo. Register now at:

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