Accessories (4 out of 4)

Tiger XT Charge Cradle

Can charge a Tiger XT lithium ion battery in just 8 hours. It can charge battery packs separately or connected to the instrument.

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Part number: A-912258
Tiger XT Filter Clamp

Filter clamp holds the PTFE filter in place and ensures an air tight seal in conjunction with the O-ring.

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Part number: 861579
Tiger XT Rechargeable Battery

Offers up to 24 hours of continuous use.

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Part number: A-861240
Tiger XT Sensor Cover

The sensor cover is screwed to the back of the Tiger XT models to protect the MiniPID 2.

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Part number: A-861259

Applications (4 out of 4)

HSE Impacts of VOCs – Sensors

Health, safety and environment guide from ION Science to identify the dangers of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in our everyday lives.

Ethylene oxide for use in sterilisation of medical equipment

A common gas for sterilisation of medical equipment destined for medical usage is Ethylene Oxide (EtO) EH40, but it needs to be monitored!

Accessory Categories

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VOCs In The Food And Beverage Industry

Where are VOCs found in the food and Beverage industry and why do we need to monitor them. Also do you know how to detect such toxic gases?

Case Studies (4 out of 4)

Falco monitors VOCs in wastewater network

Masermic (technology-based company located in Mendaro, Spain) use an increasing number of Falco's to collect ambient air values in sanitation network.

Tiger improves fire investigation time

ION Science Tiger improves fire investigation time for South African company Danati Fire Investigation.

Tiger leading the way for automotive company

ION is proud to be supplying VinFast Automotive with the highest quality technology to protect workers against chemical exposures

Tiger protecting the science of tomorrow

Tiger detector used within the university of Nottingham School of Chemistry to detect harmful VOCs within the lab environment.

Gas Fact Sheets (4 out of 4)

Hydrogen Sulfide

The ION Science hydrogen sulfide gas factsheet provides crucial information on ways of detecting hydrogen sulphide to limit exposure risk.


The ION Science xylene gas factsheet provides crucial information on ways of detecting xylene and how it affects our nervous system when exposed to it.

Vinylene carbonate

The ION Science vinylene carbonate gas factsheet provides crucial information on ways of detecting vinylene carbonate the main addictive in batteries.

Vinyl chloride

The ION Science vinyl chloride gas factsheet provides crucial information on ways of detecting vinyl chloride. This gas does not occur naturally.

Guides (4 out of 4)

Contaminated Land – Why use ION Science PID?

The following guide explains the Tiger XTs humidity resistant design and how it can become an important tool for your sample screening.

An Introduction to Field Based Contaminated Land Measurements

The following guide will explain the reasons behind the popularity of PID, despite the challenges presented by field work.

Risks Associated With Unproven Technology

The following guide provides the reader with knowledge on what to look out for when purchasing a fixed gas detection instrument. Covering key aspects such as performance specification, sensitivity and measurement range, temperature, contamination and humidity tolerance, flexibility and certification.

Semiconductor Guide – Role of VOCs in fabrication, worker safety and community exposure

Our semiconductor guide provides extensive knowledge about VOCs in fabrication, worker safety and community exposure.

Gases (4 out of 4)

Xylidine, all

CAS: 1300-73-8

Product Details
Xylene, p-

CAS: 106-42-3

Product Details
Xylene, o-

CAS: 95-47-6

Product Details
Xylene, m-

CAS: 108-38-3

Product Details

Industries (4 out of 4)


Our PID Gas Sensors are used across a multitude of universities and academic institutions, globally.


Our leading PID gas sensors are recognised around the world by original equipment manufacturers for their longevity and critically their resistance to humidity.

Power Generation

Our range of SF6 leak detection instrumentation is widely used within the power generation industry to detect leaks down to the smallest of levels.


Our PID instrumentation is widely used for detecting VOCs at low concentrations within the water and wastewater industry.

News (4 out of 4)

Falco Fixed VOC Monitor used to detect leaks in Global EV Battery Manufacturing Facilities

This fixed instrument plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of works and the overall manufacturing process when producing lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries for electric vehicles (EVs). Falco is being used in multiple stages of the EV battery manufacturing process but is increasing being used to detect any leaks in individual cells.

Meet your safety requirements without delays

In industries where exposure to hazardous gases is a constant concern, having a reliable and cost-effective solution is paramount.

ION Science Showcase PID and PM Sensors at Sensor Expo 2023 in Shanghai

Visitors to the event can explore ION's comprehensive range spanning from individual sensors to piezo electric micro pumps and integration kits. The team will also be presenting the world-leading NextPM Particulate Matter (PM) sensor, the latest addition to the sensing portfolio, a product of the renowned OEM, TERA Sensor.

ION Science: Supporting the Path to a Decarbonised Society on World EV Day

In a world facing pressing environmental challenges, the need for innovative solutions to combat climate change has never been more critical. As we approach World EV Day on September 9th, a global celebration of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation, it's time to shine a spotlight on companies that are actively contributing to the shift towards a decarbonised society.

Pages (4 out of 4)

How Many Sensors in the Jar?

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Panther Gas Leak Detector

ION Science are pleased to announce the launch of the new Panther gas leak detector. Panther has a host of new features and offers twice the sensitivity over its predecessor, the GasCheck G. Today, the new Panther PRO represents a quantum leap in technology, with a highly sensitive thermal conductivity sensor that is able to rapidly detect a variety of gases – the most popular applications are helium, hydrogen, ammonia and refrigerants.

Products (4 out of 4)

Titan 2 Benzene Gas Monitor

Titan 2, an advanced benzene-specific monitor that sets new benchmarks for site and worker safety. Building on the success of its predecessor, the Titan, the Titan 2 is designed to detect benzene at incredibly low levels, reaching as low as 20 parts per billion (ppb). Titan 2 has continuous, real-time measurement allowing trends to be monitored over time, and communicated via 4-20 mA or RS485.

Product Details
Panther Gas Leak Detector

Designed for the search and location of gas leaks, Panther can detect a range of gases such as Helium, Hydrogen and Refrigerants.

Product Details
NextPM – Particulate Matter Sensor

NextPM provides real-time PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 measurements in μg/m3 and pcs/L, featuring advanced technical specifications that enable ultra-precise measurements

Product Details
Tiger XT Fire Investigation Kit

Tiger XT fire investigation kit provides fast, accurate detection of VOCs for fire and arson investigations with resistance to humidity and contamination.

Product Details

White Papers (4 out of 4)

Hunting Leaks and Fugitive Emissions of VOCs

Hunting Leaks and Fugitive Emissions of VOCs using EPA Methods 21. This guide provides key information for hunting leaks.

Calibration – Why, When and how often?

A Basic Guide To Calibration - Why, When and how often? This guide provides key information regarding Calibration of your PID.

HSE Impacts of VOCs

A Basic Guide To HSE Impacts of VOCs provides information regarding common questions asked regarding everything VOC related.

Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs)

There are many workplace exposure limits used and some are only specific for certain governing bodies, the 2 most common are TWA and STEL.

Videos & Media (4 out of 4)

Titan 2 service module

Titan 2 service module - Find more about some of the Titan 2 features!

Titan 2 Benzene Fixed Monitor

Titan 2 Overview - Find more about the Titan 2!

How thermal conductivity works

This video will show how the thermal conductivity works

How to use the Panther gas leak detector

This video will demonstrate on how to use the Panther gas leak detector