Sensors and Components

ION Science is a leading manufacturer of VOC gas sensors, with PID sensor technology trusted by major gas detection manufacturers globally for accurate detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). To the ever-growing sensing portfolio, ION Science offers Development Boards and Kits specially designed to offer OEMs at a simple, low-cost with means of integrating MiniPID sensors into existing systems and applications. Due to tightening legislation and the growing global focus on air quality, worker safety and environmental emissions are driving the requirements for a new generation of measurement and monitoring systems. The multi-award-winning Disc Pumps are now available and distributed by ION Science.

OEM Gas Sensors

ION Science OEM gas sensor portfolio offers market-leading photoionization technology, capable of detecting extremely low-levels of VOC gases, to be used alone or for successful integration into products.

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Development Boards and Kits

ION Science high-performance Development Kits have been specially designed for the integration of MiniPID sensors, offering fast, simple, and cost-effective solutions for OEMs.

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Disc Pumps

Disc Pump is a multi-award-winning, high performance, micropump for gas sampling, detection, monitoring, and analysis.

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