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ION Science Ltd is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced gas detection equipment and OEM PID Gas Sensors. The portfolio of instruments and PID Sensors provides customers with pioneering gas sensing technology and reliable monitoring capabilities even within the harshest of environments.

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“To protect lives and preserve the environment”

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“To be the leader in gas sensing technology with relationships built on trust, pioneering products, responsiveness and exceptional customer service”.

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Upcoming Changes to Benzene Workplace Exposure Limits

29th February 2024
To mitigate the impact of harmful substance exposure, regulatory authorities are revising benzene workplace exposure limits (WELs).
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Particle Measurement & VOC Sensing Technology.

6th February 2024
ION Science is committed to protecting lives and preserving the environment by offering pioneering gas sensing technology that accurately monitors and facilitates the improvement to air quality. Two key air quality pollutants that ION sensors can detect are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Particulate Matter (PM).
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A Beginners Guide To Benzene

6th February 2024
Long-term exposure to benzene raises significant health concerns due to its recognised carcinogenic properties. Prolonged and repeated exposure to even low levels of benzene in the workplace or environment can have severe health implications.
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