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ION Science Ltd is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced gas detection equipment and OEM PID Gas Sensors. The portfolio of instruments and PID Sensors provides customers with pioneering gas sensing technology and reliable monitoring capabilities even within the harshest of environments.

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Ultimate Solution for Detecting SF6 and now C4-FN Leaks

Introducing SF6 LEAKCHECK P1 XTL

17th July 2024
Gas leak detection just took a giant leap forward with the introduction of SF6 LEAKCHECK P1 XTL. This innovative solution is purpose-built to tackle a critical customer problem: Identifying SF6 and C4-FN leaks with unmatched precision and efficiency.
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Made In The UK: 35 Years of Manufactured PID Technology with Integrity.

18th June 2024
For over 35 years, ION Science has been at the forefront of designing, manufacturing, and supplying cutting-edge PID gas sensors and gas and leak detection instruments.
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Clean Air Day – June 2024

13th June 2024
Clean air day aims to encourage awareness of air pollution and what everyone can do towards air quality monitoring (both indoor and outdoor) and reduce pollution by making cleaner, greener choices to improve air quality for everyone.
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