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ION Science is renowned for our exceptional level of customer service and support

Our experienced technical and application support team is available to help and ensure a quick response to all customer enquiries, minimizing instrument downtime. Here, customers also have access to support materials such as FAQs, how to register the tool for an extended warranty, and how to return the tool to us for annual maintenance and recalibration.

Technical and application support

ION Science is proud to offer exceptional support to all of our customers

Whether you are an ION Science distributor or a user of our tools, we have a dedicated technical and application support team available to answer any questions and requests regarding your tool or its use within specific applications. We guarantee a quick response and aim to deal with your request as efficiently and effectively as possible.

In addition to our in-house customer service team, ION Science Distributors and Authorized Service Centers are located around the world, trained and qualified to the same high standards.

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Do you need support?

For customer support, please contact a member of our experienced support team who will be happy to assist you.

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Here we have compiled the most frequently asked support questions for your ION Science gas detector.


Have you registered your instrument?

Register your gas detection tool and receive up to five years of extended warranty for free!

Gas detector service and calibration

It is recommended that gas detection instruments be returned annually for service and recalibration to ensure they continue to provide accurate and reliable results and maintain their extended warranty.

Our qualified technicians are available to provide you with the repair, maintenance and calibration of your instrument, with fast delivery times to minimize downtime.

Your instrument can be returned to an authorized ION Science service center in your area or to the ION Science headquarters.

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Safe disposal of your instrument

ION Science offers the safe disposal of your old instrument as part of our WEEE compliance scheme, instruments are broken down, recycled, or disposed of appropriately. Contact us to return your instrument for safe disposal.

Safely dispose of your instrument

Support documents

Here you can access a variety of service and support documents and files. The following corporate documents are available below:

Support documents

Support video

For your convenience, we have created a series of short, immediate support videos to avoid unnecessary downtime of your ION Science gas detection equipment.

Support video

Instrument software

Please install the latest version of the software to ensure you are up to date.

Instrument gas table

Please install the latest version of the instrument gas table.