Gas and Leak Detectors

ION Science manufacture a range of technologically advanced gas and leak detectors for a wide variety of gases. View our ever-growing portfolio below, to find the right solution for your gas detection needs.

Portable Detector Overview image
Portable Detectors

Portable gas detectors keep workers safe from atmospheric hazards, these detectors operate at a close range to the user, they are handheld and lightweight devices that can be held or attached to a belt.

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Personal Gas Detector
Personal Detectors

Personal gas detectors keep workers safe from atmospheric hazards by continuously monitoring the user’s breathing zone, these detectors must operate at close range to the user.

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Fixed Detectors

Fixed gas detectors are generally installed in large facilities, used to detect hazardous gases and as an early warning of gas leaking from a particular system. Fixed gas detection systems are configured using relays and customisable alarm point settings. These settings ensure that fixed gas detectors respond quickly to atmospheric hazards.

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Semi Portable Gas Detectors
Semi-Portable Detectors

Semi-portable gas detectors meet the diverse requirements for gas detection industries throughout the world. Our range offers an ideal solution where a temporary detection or contractual detection is required for a specific project or incident.

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ION Science recommends that your instruments are re-calibrated on an annual basis to ensure they continue to provide you with accurate, reliable results and that they maintain their extended warranty. Choose the right calibration solution from our range.

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