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ION Science Launch New Generation of VOC Detectors

22nd November 2022
ION Science has launched a new range of portable VOC detectors, known as Tiger XT, offering users enhanced levels of performance and durability!
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Investment reinforces ION as the sensible choice for PID gas sensors

17th November 2022
We strongly believe that the freedom to focus on quality and standards allows us to offer the world’s best PID sensors, and with the largest global market share, it would appear that our customers agree.
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ION Science formally receives Queen’s Award for Enterprise

6th October 2022
Global gas sensing manufacturer ION Science has been presented with one of the most prestigious business excellence awards in the UK, endorsing the commercial success of ION’s innovative Sensor technology.
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Showcasing the latest in air quality and PID sensor technology

30th August 2022
ION Science will once again be exhibiting the latest in air quality monitoring & Emission Monitoring at AQE 2022, on stand L0L0. The s Event will take place in Telford, UK, on the 12th and 13th October 2022.
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Exposure limits and worker safety – Knowing the correct detection method

16th August 2022
Worker health and safety laws have come a long way in recent years, ION Science offer VOC gas instruments that help keep workers safe from exposure limits during their working life and long after.
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Fixed gas detection instruments for industrial pollution monitoring

4th August 2022
Fixed gas detection solutions from ION Science are designed with industrial applications in mind. This makes them an ideal choice for businesses wanting to improve their monitoring systems for better environmental credentials.
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ION Science nominated for three categories at the Instrumentation Excellence Awards 2022

1st August 2022
ION Science is delighted to announce it has been nominated for three categories: ‘Sustainability Award’, ‘Best Marketing Campaign’, and ‘Gas Detection Product of the year’ at the Instrumentation Excellence Awards.
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ION Science appoints four new directors to drive success

25th July 2022
ION Science have appointed four directors to headline its new board and deliver ION Science’s ambitious plans for further growth. The board will be instrumental in forging and delivering a long-term strategic growth plan and to deliver repeated profitable results.
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ION Science Exhibiting at Sensors Converge with Award-Winning Sensor Range

20th June 2022
ION Science will be exhibiting the latest in PID (photoionisation detection) sensors for gas detection applications at Sensors Converge, hosted in San Jose, California, USA from the 27th – 29th June 2022.
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Air quality monitoring of volatile organic compounds with PID

15th June 2022
Clean air day aims to encourage awareness of air pollution and what everyone can do towards air quality monitoring (both indoor and outdoor) and reduce pollution by making cleaner, greener choices to improve air quality for everyone.
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Monitoring Benzene Exposure for Safety and Health

7th June 2022
As a common carcinogen found in many industrial applications, there is a need to protect against benzene exposure for workers, the public and the environment. It is essential to choose detection instrumentation that is designed specifically to monitor benzene.
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Protection against Hydrogen Sulfide exposure

31st May 2022
Delivering superior personal protection against hazardous VOC exposure for workers is one of ION Science’s leading aims as a business.
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Advanced sensor technology delivering safety and consistency

11th May 2022
Sensor technology supports the semiconductor industry by enabling consistency and uniformity, while at the same time protecting those working directly on the fabrication process, and off-site emissions that can potentially impact local communities.
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ION Science MiniPID sensors supporting Earth Day 2022

22nd April 2022
As Earth Day 2022 arrives on the 22nd April, the message for the world this year is to ‘invest in our planet’. Earth Day encourages people to reflect and think about ‘what will you do?’, contributing to their ‘All In’ approach in creating a partnership for the planet.
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ION Science wins the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise – Innovation

21st April 2022
ION Science is delighted to announce it has won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of Innovation, for its pioneering MiniPID sensors. The award is the highest recognition of business excellence across Britain and endorses the commercial success in respect to the innovative technology. ION Science’s industry-leading PID (photoionisation detection) technology, offers unparalleled VOC detection.
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Supporting World Day for Safety and Health at Work

11th April 2022
The International Labour Organisation (ILO) marks its World Day for Safety and Health at Work on 28th April 2022. The spotlight on providing safe and healthy places to work has become more prominent in recent times, particularly as working practices emerged and evolved rapidly as part of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Supporting World Health Day

5th April 2022
7th April 2022 marks World Health Day. In a decade that has already seen increasing focus and pressure on improving health, protecting the planet, and reducing the impact of emissions, 2022’s World Health Day brings with it the strong but simple message of ‘Our Planet, Our Health.’
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Hazardous Materials Webinar on Spills & Soil Contamination

31st March 2022
Statistics from the Department of Transportation reveal that 21,539 hazardous material incidents occurred within 2021 in the USA alone. Join our latest Webinar to understand the importance of dangers to public health, wildlife and the environment.
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Protecting Staff in Asphalt Production against benzene

3rd March 2022
Protecting staff with a safety-first approach and PID technology. against benzene exposure within Asphalt production facilities. ION Science, as a leading global OEM for gas instrumentation, has developed the only fixed detector on the market to specifically detect benzene, reducing the risk of exposure to workers, the public, and the environment.
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Protecting medical environments from VOC contamination with multisite sensor PID technology

28th January 2022
One of the most important areas for VOC monitoring is the sterilisation and packaging of medical equipment. It is common practice for manufacturers to use ethylene oxide in decontaminating products prior to leaving the site. While this is a highly effective method, it is a harmful VOC and needs careful monitoring when in use.
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