New Zealand Defence Force doubles numbers of Tigers

Additional handheld PID instruments which help protect military personnel are chosen for compact & robust design, reliability and ease of use

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New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF)


Tiger portable VOC detector


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The New Zealand Defence Force is the organisation, in partnership with the Ministry of Defence, responsible for delivering Defence. The Defence Force provides essential support to the delivery of the Government’s national security interests. Contingent military capabilities are held for unforeseen emergencies or to reinforce existing operations. This could include New Zealand contributions to multinational operations or United Nations mandated missions, however, the forces are held principally to allow the Defence Force to respond to security events in which New Zealand acts alone to protect national interests.

The contribution the Defence Force makes to national security is further defined through their operational outputs, which describe what military capabilities the Government may consider employing in expeditionary combat operations, the assistance provided to the civil surveillance programme and on domestic security tasks in and around New Zealand.

The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has doubled the number of ION Science handheld Tiger volatile organic compound (VOC) detectors it uses to monitor hazardous gas concentrations during domestic field inspections and overseas deployment.

Bryan Geurts, NZDF Equipment Manager:
The Health & Safety of military personnel in the field is of paramount importance and last year NZDF started looking for new VOC detectors to replace its obsolete photoionisation (PID) instruments.

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New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF)

Both ION Science and the Tiger model were recommended to us and the device’s compact and robust design was a key point in its favour, since its ruggedness allowed it to be taken into difficult environments where it could be carried around easily by an individual.

We placed our first order in 2013 and have been so impressed by the Tiger’s reliability and simple operation that we took the decision to purchase more units this year.

Bryan Geurts, NZDF Equipment ManagerNew Zealand Defence Force (NZDF)

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