Tiger VOC Detectors are a Roaring Success for Van Walt Ltd

Handheld PID instrument performance and support package are better than the competition, says leading environmental sampling and monitoring specialist Van Walt, LTD.

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Van Walt


Tiger portable Gas Detector


Consultant, Soil Contamination & Remediation

Van Walt Ltd supplies environmental research and groundwater monitoring equipment to rent and buy. They have built their business by working with customers to provide a high level of service, training, and after-sales support. They are quick to respond, offering a flexible, friendly approach whatever your requirements.

When a new handheld photoionization detection (PID) instrument was required by the supplier of environmental sampling and monitoring equipment, Van Walt Ltd, the revolutionary Tiger volatile organic compound (VOC) detector from ION Science – a leading manufacturer of PID technology and VOC detectors – was considered the best solution on the market.

Supplied by Shawcity, UK distributor of ION Science products, the Tiger VOC detectors are being used by Van Walt customers, who are mostly environmental research consultants, in the UK, Spain, and New Zealand.

Vincent Van Walt, Director at Van Walt Ltd:
Our customers expect the right tools for the job and the Tiger’s PID capabilities are second to none. It utilizes advanced patented fence electrode technology with increased resistance to humidity and contamination, meaning it is less prone to fogging. Together with a clear, easy to read display, this makes the Tiger ideal for use in harsh field environments.

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Van Walt Ltd

“Equipment is often designed by people who have never set foot in the field. This is clearly not the case with the Tiger as it holds well in the hand for easy VOC detection, offers fast startup with no complicated set-up and is entirely fit for purpose.”

Vincent Van Walt, Director at Van Walt Ltd:

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