ION Science helps pharmaceutical manufacturer achieve new levels of quality and safety with Tiger VOC Monitor

Producers in pharmaceutical manufacturing not only have to manage strict controls for protected substances, they also need to ensure staff are protected from potential VOC exposure. ION Science is experienced at supporting pharmaceutical manufacturers with a range of gas detection monitors to help control VOCs and maintain site safety standards

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Aurobindo Pharma
Aurobindo Pharma, a leading producer of drug intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients globally, identified that they needed an extra level of protection against VOCs. This included flammable gases and odorous gases – both of which could have negative health and environmental impacts. ION Science was approached to see how they could help tackle this challenge to increase Aurobindo’s safety levels and monitoring capabilities.

Following a discussion with the staff responsible for site safety, the key areas that required additional VOC monitoring were the main manufacturing areas and the separation and purification block. Both sections are business critical, as well as being high traffic in terms of staff and products moving around. After analysing the situation, ION Science knew that protection from excessive VOC exposure was essential and a portable device range would be most suitable for such a high traffic area.

ION Science’s leading VOC Monitor range, the Tiger, was recommended and then chosen by Aurobindo to meet their requirements. Aurobindo needed a solution that was both a portable personal monitoring unit but could also log details and data over extended periods for analysis.

Krishna Reddy, Pharmaceutical Specialist at Aurobindo, spoke about the implementation of ION Science VOC Monitors:

“We are very pleased with the results from the Tiger monitor. We have found the results already to be good and have fitted all Aurobindo manufacturing equipment at our Hyderabad site with ION Science detection equipment. The quality ION Science provides is excellent and we are looking forward to better protection from flammable gases and VOCs in future.”

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Aurobindo Pharma

This data logging and portability function means that in the long run, Aurobindo can identify what might be causing excess VOC exposure and work to effectively reduce it.

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