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AQE Exhibition 2022

Stand LOLO, 12th – 13th October 2022 (Telford, UK)

AQE 2022, The 12th in the series and celebrating 20 years of air quality and emissions monitoring the event focuses on industrial air emissions , stack monitoring, ambient air quality monitoring and all aspects of air quality monitoring, protection and treatment. As awareness of the impact human activity has on the planet and environment continues to grow, finding ways to protect and restore nature, as well as improve living conditions and standards, is taking centre stage in many industries. ION Science reaffirm their commitment to protecting lives and preserving the environment and continue to offer pioneering gas sensing technology for the improvement and monitoring of air quality.

ION Science’s range of MiniPID sensors are widely recognised as the best available PID, thanks to their sensitivity, reliability, and accuracy in VOC detection. By improving the technology available, it’s possible to better contain emissions that negatively impact health and the environment. Specialising in photoionisation detection (PID), ION work closely with their customers to understand their requirements and ensure the voice of the customer is represented in all product developments.

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Using the best technology is fundamental when designing a product; technical support, quality and reliable supply are also critical for long term success. At the heart of any PID is the ionising source, the lamp, which defines lifetime, sensitivity, ionisation energy and sensor quality. As the lamp is such a critical component, ION Science began manufacturing them in house over twenty years ago and have invested significantly in cutting edge technology to continuously improve processes, now boast the longest lifetime and highest quality lamps on the market.

Choose from the three sensors from IONs Sensor range that are most suited for Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality and Industrial Pollution:

PPB Gas SensorMiniPID 2 PPB Sensor

Optimised to low-end ppb sensitivity while offering a wide dynamic range, this PPB gas sensor is perfect for measuring indoor and outdoor air quality over a wide range of environments.

MiniPID HS Sensor

Designed for OEMs, the high sensitivity gas sensor – MiniPID 2 is the latest in the range of PID sensors and is the most sensitive VOC sensor on the market allowing sub ppb measurement.

10.0 eV Gas SensorMiniPID 2 10.0 eV Sensor

Used for enhanced selectivity of compounds with lower ionisation energies, it is used for measuring ambient levels of aromatic compounds/highly toxic VOCs such as BTEX gases.

For attendees at AQE, ION Science can be found on Stand Number LOLO, visitors will see our full range of sensors and components on display. Our in-house Sensor team who are experts in the field of PID technology and VOC detection, will also be on hand to understand your requirements and to share their industry knowledge.