Israeli hazardous materials logistics company uses TVOC

Latest project forms part of successful tender by key distributor Amos Gazit for the design, supply and installation of a complete gas detection system.

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Israel-Based Globus


TVOC 2 fixed VOC detector


Logistics handling

Globus is a leader in the logistic handling of hazardous materials in Israel. Globus adheres to the highest standards in Israel for packing, conveying, handling and storing hazardous materials, which comply with the strictest international regulations. We believe that this is an important issue for any country, which takes responsibility for its residents’ security and for the environment. Moreover, in a country such as Israel, which has other relevant threats to take into consideration, the handling, conveying and packing of inflammable or explosive hazardous materials should be tightly regulated.

As part of its commitment as the first company in Israel to adapt standards in the field, Globus has established the largest and most up-to-date logistic center for hazardous materials in Israel, located in Ne’ot Hovav. The logistic center in Ne’ot Hovav extends over 6 acres and includes a roofed area encompassing 23,000 meters. The center has received all the necessary approvals from the Israeli Ministry for Environmental Protection.

ION Science, leading specialist in gas detection instrumentation for environmental and occupational health monitoring – has recently provided 12 TVOC fixed volatile organic compound (VOC) monitors as part of a successful tender by its distributor, Amos Gazit Ltd, for the design, supply and installation of a complete gas detection solution at leading hazardous materials logistics handling company, Israel-based Globus.

Some of the TVOC fixed VOC monitors have been installed within Globus’ reinforced concrete storage building for hazardous materials. It is divided into six separate areas with three storage rooms in each section. There are two TVOC monitors located in opposite corners of each room.

In addition, several TVOC systems have been fitted in refrigerated containers which are also being used by Globus to store hazardous substances. The monitors are fixed approximately 30cm above floor level as they are detecting vapours heavier than air. Each TVOC system features a custom-designed cage to protect them from being damaged by the forklift trucks that regularly access the facility.

The gas detection control system is located externally, outside the Globus storage building, and linked to horn and strobe units which are triggered by alarms generated by the TVOC monitors in each section. Operators are alerted via SMS text messages sent to mobile devices using an integral cellular modem.

Ra’anan Katz, ION Science Distributor Amoz Gazit:

“There are a wide range of hazardous materials that require monitoring at the Globus facility. With potential VOCs such as Toulene, Heptane, Dioxane, Tetrahydrofuran, Dimethyl, Formamide, Dichloromethane, we were quick to recommend the ION Science TVOC fixed PID as a robust, reliable and accurate leak detection solution for this application. ”


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Israeli hazardous materials logistics company uses TVOC

There are numerous chemical substances present in the storage rooms but the area isn’t generally accessed by people, except when transporting materials to and from the units using a forklift, so we were confident the application required a leak detection solution rather than TLV monitoring. As the storage rooms contain a broad variety of substances and the application is defined as leak detection, the measuring range has been set at 1,000ppm, with an alarm level to 100ppm and a cycle time of three minutes. The ION Science TVOCs are easy to install, maintain and service and have proved very reliable for the Globus application.

Ra’anan KatzION Science Distributor at Amoz Gazmit:

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