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'TVOC 2 is the perfect pairing for his product because it doesn’t automatically recalibrate like most detectors on the market. Discovering ION’s TVOC 2 nearly 2 years ago was a breakthrough that allowed him to quantify data and, therefore, prove his product works.'

Charles Waddell, Founder of Global Plasma Solutions Manufacturing

'So far, feedback from customers using the ExR-1 gas detection robot with Falco PID has been very good. It has fulfilled the urgent need for a remotely operated VOC monitor in line with the tightening of fugitive emission regulations.'

Ian Peerless, Operations Director ExRobotics, Oil and Gas

'In Italy, a new legislation with specific odour limit thresholds has also been recently introduced making it ever more important for companies that have treatment in their processes to monitor and improve the treatment efficiency of their systems in line with regulatory requirements. ION Science and its products are well known across our business so we were confident in the Falco’s ability to reliably and accurately measure VOCs in both inlet and outlet gas streams. Since ION Science Italia provided training, we have found the Falco very easy to use and operate, and it has been excellent in terms of accuracy and reliability. The service has also been very good and they were quick to respond when we needed assistance with calibration.'

Roberto Pisconti Technologia & Ambiente (T&A)

'When assessing the potential hazards involved in our day-to-day operations it became evident that ION Science’s Falco fixed PID was the perfect solution for our application. We were particularly impressed with the instrument’s patented humidity resistant fence electrode technology and ability to work continuously in condensing atmospheres.'

Keyton Payne, Manager of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Monument Chemical, Petrolchemical

'We rely on the Ion Science MVI with our life and the health and safety of those around us, in the extreme heat of the Middle East deserts, in the tropics of Asia, the chilling Bass Strait of Southern Australia and in extremely high levels of mercury vapour. The units must work every time, must be 100% accurate and they must be able to cope with the inevitable knocks and falls of hard use and tough environments. The MVI does that all day, every day, and has not let us down.'

Ryan Crowe, Director, US No Heat Resources Pte Ltd, Manufacturing

'We recently purchased an Ion Science GasCheck G3 through their UK distributor Shawcity Ltd. The product is to be used for leak detection on pressurised sealed enclosures, as well as during installation of various gas cylinders to ensure that there are no leaks around the regulator fittings. The gases being detected include argon, helium and nitrogen. We chose to purchase this product as the instrument performs to the high levels of sensitivity our applications demand. Furthermore, the instrument is extremely simple and intuitive to use, so training is not required to understand the results. We found out about the GasCheck G3 by searching on Google ‘Argon leak detection equipment. I have found the GasCheck G to be simple and intuitive to use. The pre-sales service received was excellent and so was the company overall. I was provided with detailed, technical information when I first contacted Ion Science and was then passed to a local distributor. We were then able to demonstrate how the instrument performed in our application, which led to us making the purchase.'

Geoff Martin, Camera Systems Engineer, UK Andor Technology Plc

'We have bought several GasCheck G3 units from Ion Science and are really happy with how reliable the ppm readings are – customers find the instrument easy to use. The customer service received from Ion Science is excellent, and so is the company overall. We chose to stay with Ion Science due to the years of good service and how reliable their instrument range is.'

Lee Chamberlain, VP Operations, US LACO Technologies, Manufacturing

'We bought the GasCheck G from Shawcity Ltd after researching on the internet for a ‘Portable Leak Detector’. The instrument will primarily be used for checking lines and components for helium leaks. This piece of equipment was chosen as a more effective alternative to traditional methods.'

Scott Grigor, Engineer, UK Dominion Gas, Oil and Gas

'We found out about Ion Science by doing a search on ‘Google’ for ‘sf6 gas leak detector’. This is where we came across the GasChack G and which led us to their South African Distributor, Impact Instruments. We chose to go ahead and purchase this instrument as our customer evaluated it to have the best price vs performance ratio compared to other competitor products we offered them that performs the same function. The device will be used at a substation switchgear for gas leak detection.'

Rudolph de Plessis, Technical Sales, ZA Central Technical Supplies, Consultant

'We have had helium leaks in our laboratory and so needed an instrument to detect the sources so that we can rectify the issue. We got in contact with Sintrol, Ion Science’s Finnish distributor. We went ahead and purchased the GasCheck G, as this was the instrument our gas cylinder supplier recommended to us.'

Antti Soitiala, Service Manager, FI MAP Medical Technologies

'We recently purchased a GasCheck G directly from Ion Science. The overall service received from Ion Science has been excellent; we needed an instrument fast and they delivered. The GasCheck G is being used for helium leak detection, and with its ease of use and the construction of the instrument, it’s exactly what we needed to use on our site.'

Derek Martin, Materials Manager, UK Stanre Internation Limited, Oil and Gas

'We needed an instrument to verify that there is no presence of helium on the hydrostatic test made in the casing and tubing which is installed on the oil well. We chose the GasCheck G because we liked its versatility, it’s light and its accurate detection. Ion Science as a company to deal with have been excellent. They were fast to respond to my concerns regarding technical support and the instrument warranty.'

Elmer Andrade, Purchasing, AE Revalca, Oil and Gas

'We needed an instrument to check for leaks on the flare connections on an LPG tank. What I like about the GasCheck G is that it’s easy to use for our operators. We bought the instrument through JAVAC who have met all of my expectations as a supplier. Easy, direct and can detect low levels.'

Jim Szabo, Product Development Engineer, AU CMI Fuel Systems, Manufacturing

'A colleague has lost his sense of smell in an accident, and the environment in which we work can contain a lot of different organic solutions. We purchased Cub from Euro Index, Netherlands, so that harmful solvents could be detected, keeping my colleague safe within his working environment. We chose Cub as it matched all of our requirements, it’s small, easy, direct and can detect low levels.'

Jan Van Esseveld, Team Leader, NL Masterlab BV, Laboratory

'We already own a PID instrument, but Cub was demonstrated to us by Shawcity and it was agreed that the instrument specifications met our requirements. We found out about Ion Science and their product range a few years ago when we spoke to a Shawcity representative.'

Mike Howard, SHE Advisor, UK Lucite International Ltd, Manufacturing

'Cub is just the product we have been waiting for. It’s a low cost personal and reliable PID monitor which is just what we need to assess workers exposure out on the field to monitor occupational exposure in the chemical industry. The quality of the product is excellent, along with its simplicity, accuracy, stability, ease of use, and it’s extremely lightweight. We dealt with Ion Science’s Swiss distributor, Lauper Instruments, who were a pleasure to deal with. Brilliant customer service all round, we feel we can really rely on them.'

Vincent Perret, CIH CEO, CH Toxpro SA Consultant

'We needed an instrument to detect the levels of VOC and benzene when we open our piping system. Our central region in Canada has been using the product for a year or so now so we were confident that the instrument was right for us compared to the Draeger CMS chip detectors which we had used in the past. The instrument was purchased through Levitt Safety Ltd (Edmonton, AB, Canada).'

Purchasing, CA Oil and Gas

'After meeting ION Science at the TCEQ trade conference and learning more about its products, we chose the TigerLT handheld PID as it met our cost and functionality requirements. During testing the instrument proved extremely easy to operate and ready to use immediately after powering on. As we get called out to all kinds of environments, I was also particularly drawn to the instrument’s humidity resistance and anti-contamination design especially as our other PIDs had failed on humid days.'

General Manager, US Monitoring VOCs from hazardous material spills

'With the opening of a new hazardous waste transfer facility, we required another PID to monitor VOC levels in box containers being exported to Europe. Our existing ION Science Tiger VOC detector has proved reliable, accurate and trouble-free so it made sense to use the same brand.'

Technologist, IL Occupational Health

'Our equipment rental company, US Environmental Rental Corporation, has typically recommended ION Science handheld Tiger PIDs in the past for headspace screening of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in soil, ambient air screening during chemical clean-ups and in landfill soil gas probes.'

Project Scientist, US Consultant

'When our old PID was unable to hold calibration, the manufacturer could no longer service or stock parts for it which I found unacceptable. When presented with alternative instruments from other companies, the ION Science TigerLT seemed to offer the best value for money and could tolerate moisture which was a key feature for our business.'

President of Lakeshore Environmental Consultants

'We like how the instrument is easy to operate, and that it reacts very quickly. We may have only had the instrument for 6 months – but we are extremely happy with the results.'

Bjarne Vig, Electronic Engineer Solae Denmark A/S, Food & Beverage

'We bought a Tiger from Ion Science and we love how easy it is to clean the filter – it’s quick to do and can be done in the field – probably the best PID I’ve ever used! Customer Service is always polite, and very fast at getting back to you and are always helpful – they go above and beyond to help us out. The battery on the Tiger is also great. It’s fast to recharge and lasts a couple of days out in the field – buying disposable batteries was always a pain. Ion Science’s PIDs don’t seem to be affected by the heat, humidity or the cold. They are definitely what I prefer to use during my shift.'

Stephanie Feuer, Environmental Scientist, UK Ross Environmental, Manufacturing

'We required an instrument to measure gas levels in Industrial Processes. We purchased the instrument from Afriso, Ion Science’s Swedish distributor, who deal with most of these enquiries in this area. They recommended to us the Tiger, and it came across as the instrument that would best suit our quality demands.'

Stefan Edso, Electrical Manager, SE AarhusKarishamn Sweden AB, Food & Beverage

'Having used Ion Science products in the past, we knew roughly which instrument would be best for our needs. We already had a Tiger but as the instrument was quite old, it was costing more to maintain as replacement parts were no longer readily available. We, therefore, opted to upgrade our Tiger to provide a cost-effective option whilst ensuring that the technology we use is the most current. The product will be used for emergency response to odour complaints, fuel leak detection and ground gas monitoring. We purchased/upgraded through Shawcity Ltd, Ion Science exclusive UK distributor.'

Contaminated Land Inspector, UK Pembrokeshire County Council, Consultant

'We needed a gas detector for a couple of applications within our organisation. First was for Hot Work Clearance such as cutting, grinding and/or welding ammonia piping. The second for Emergency Response for our in-house Hazmat Team. We chose the Tiger after an internet search due to its ability to read higher concentrations of ammonia and as a better way of checking the exposure levels.'

Gary Kendall, Process Management Technician, US Searles Valley Minerals, Manufacturing

“We are extremely happy with how easy it is to set up, use and maintain the Tiger. This instrument is an excellent piece of equipment, giving accurate results. The customer service received has been impressive, with the team giving good responses to any questions raised, and we are more than happy with the calibration turnaround. We are currently using the Tiger to monitor the workplace exposure levels for organic solvents. I recommend the quality of the product and quick service provided.”

Jim Purdie, HSEQ Manager, UK Denholm Industrial Service Ltd, Construction

'What I liked about the Tiger was its ease of use. The customer service received was great with an overall rating of 10/10! I am happy to say that there have been no problems to date with the instrument.'

Adam Wrubel, Field Geologist, US ATC Associates, Consultant

'I use my PID Tiger in the remote Pacific Micronesian islands. It has been very successful at eliminating the high humidity issue associated with other PID brands and it is extremely rugged/reliable.'

Mark R. Merline, Principal Environmental Scientist/Geologist, President, US MegAnnum Inc., Consultant

'After reading about Ion Science in OH&S magazine and on the internet, we went ahead and purchased a Tiger from US Environmental Rental Group. The instrument will be used for health and safety investigations in indoor environment as part of a general indoor air quality survey. We chose the product as it was a good price, the ease of use and the handling ergonomics, extended warranty when registering and the option of being able to upgrade the instrument.'

Andrew Prashad, Research Scientist, US DCAS/Citywide Office of Safety & Health (COSH), Consultant

'I have used Ion Science products in the past as I found them easier to use than the alternate we had available, a MiniRAE, which I have also used. Thus, when it came to purchase another instrument to detect VOCs from oil spills, and to prove the ground is clear when removing tanks and checking impacted and remediated materials, I selected the Tiger. This I bought from Geotech, USA, and I have found this instrument reliable and easy to use.'

Tudor Smith, Environmental Technical Officer, Building Project Manager and Surveyor, BM Self Employed & Woodbourne Associates, Construction

'After searching on the internet, we came across Clean Environmental, Brazil, who are a representative of Ion Science. Our application needs are the investigation of contaminated sites. We chose the Tiger mainly for the range it can measure as this is very important to us for this application.'

Raphael Rieboldt, Technical Manager, BR Controllab Ambiental, Consultant

'The Tiger is an easy to use, rugged and lightweight instrument that you can truly depend on. We have been dealing with Ion Science for a number of years and have always received good customer service, finding the team to be both pleasant and efficient.'

Allen Garner, General Manager, UK Finley Environmental Group, Oil & Gas

'We purchased the Tiger and have been pleased with its ease of use and intuitive graphical user interface. We are continuously impressed with the high levels of technical support and customer service received from Ion Science, along with the information available on the website. We would highly recommend the company and their products.’

Clint Pinder, Instrumentation Specialist, CA Levitt Safety, Manufacturing

'We were looking for a reliable PID to be used for soil screening, indoor air quality and vapour intrusion applications. We already had an Ion Science Tiger which we continue to use and rely on daily for accurate field screening. We came across the upgraded Tiger after the recent floods that took place in Vermont from the effects of Hurricane Irene and Ion Science kindly let us try out the Tiger which our Technical Field expert really liked using! Because of Ion Science’s outstanding service and quality products, we decided to purchase the upgraded Tiger.’

Robert Ross, Principal Hydrogeologist, US Ross Environmental Associates, Consultant

'The Tiger has impressed me with its reliability in humid environments. It’s a nice size instrument, easy to use and is an easy piece of equipment to calibrate. It is an extremely good product, and the correspondence between Ion Science and myself has been prompt and precise.’

Jeremy Kinman, Hydrogeologist, US Artbury Environmental Engineering, Consultant

‘We needed to replace our MiniRAE PID and so considered another RAE instrument along with an Ion Science instrument. The price was comparable, but we chose to go ahead with the Tiger from Ion Science as the services and spare parts are based / manufactured in the UK, which minimises the chances of delays. We’ll be using the Tiger mainly for measuring volatiles in soil samples obtained during ground investigations, and it may also be used to detect volatiles in the air on sites where hydrocarbons may be present. Shawcity, Ion Science’s exclusive UK distributor, demonstrated the product to us.’

Adam Lumber, Principal Technical Engineer, UK Structural Soils Ltd, Consultant