Complete confidence in local community environments thanks to highly sensitive and reliable Falco PID from ION Science!

Albany, New York, USA is just one of several global locations where pressure has increased, seeking environmental justice for vulnerable local communities facing exposure to Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs). It’s a key ongoing political issue that all companies emitting VOCs must tackle, but now thanks to the highly sensitive, stable, and reliable Falco PID fenceline technology, ION Science has a reliable early warning solution.

Falco fenceline fixed gas detector from leading industry manufacturing specialist ION Science offers continuous, fast, and reliable detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) & Total Aromatic Compounds (TACs). including benzene, in high humidity environments. It also boasts innovative typhoon technology for unrivaled accuracy without fault in condensing atmospheres and extreme weather conditions.

ION Science’s photoionization detector helps companies remain completely compliant with site and legislative emission levels, and act quickly to rectify any flagged issues, such as fugitive emissions. Not only can these potentially cause health concerns, but they also represent a significant loss in economic terms through lost commodities and expensive remediation actions. Leaks are also responsible for contributing to climate change and air pollution. Falco is essential in accurately identifying and rectifying leaks to pipes or joints efficiently.

Designed specifically to ensure plant-wide safety and beyond, the device offers real-time monitoring and supports ongoing protection of site workers in global petrochemical and oil and gas applications. Our Falco is simple to install and easy to operate, whatever the facility. The instrument’s detector has four detection ranges available, including 0–10ppm, 0–50ppm, 0–1,000ppm, and 0–3,000ppm. It also offers both pump and diffused models.

Easy to maintain, the intrinsically safe external sensor is specifically designed for quick and easy servicing, without the requirement for a hot work permit.

Falco can be serviced quickly and calibrated in hazardous environments without having to remove the power. This makes the instrument ideal for installation virtually anywhere around external site perimeters and works continuously in hazardous areas. The innovative typhoon technology prevents condensation from forming on the sensor, helping stop Falco detectors from short-circuiting and making it ideal for harsh conditions or wet outdoor environments, without the need for weather enclosures.

ATEX (Europe), QPS (North America) and IECEx (Rest of the World) certified, the device can operate in a wide temperature range of – 40 to 122 °F 0-100 % RH and condensing humidity. Bringing added value over competitor PIDs, Falco will intuitively eliminate misleading and false readings, ensuring the complete accuracy of the data. Increasing the usability of the product through a multi-colored status display, the instrument can be seen from 20 meters in sunlight.

The specialist technology employed in the Falco product is also being requested by other detection manufacturers around the world, which is a huge compliment to the outstanding quality, accuracy, and trust in the PID sensor manufactured specifically by ION Science.

Equally suitable for large refineries and for smaller manufacturing plants or wastewater processing sites, Falco is scalable and has a proven detection track record that provides confidence for local communities seeking complete environmental reassurance. This applies to a wide range of VOCs including HAPs and the generally less offensive, but easier to detect, mercaptan gases.

ION Science products are designed and proven to help keep communities and workers safe by requiring oil refineries and petrochemical plants to monitor benzene emissions at their fenceline. This is in line with the clear requirements set out globally by various health organizations and specifically in America by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with EPA35.

To ensure the continued safety of employees in local communities facing VOC leaks and fugitive emissions, visit the ION Science website. Check out our news page for more gas detection, industry, and company updates and articles. For more information regarding gas detection needs, or need to speak with a representative, call us at +1 (877) 864-7710 or today!