“Tiger offers a superior overall experience

A customer in Switzerland had initially been using two gas detectors from two reputable gas detection manufacturers, the ION Science Tiger and the Honeywell MiniRAE, the customer relied upon the Tiger and MiniRAE for many years, meticulously assessing the strengths and weaknesses of both detectors.

“ION Science Tiger provides a superior overall experience following our extended assessment against the well-known MiniRAE. I look forward to getting my hands on the newer Tiger XT model”.

The customer has now traded in their Honeywell MiniRAE for a brand-new ION Science Tiger XT.

Handheld PID Comparative Test Data
ION Science recently published test data that compares the Tiger XT with other gas detectors available in the market. The data not only highlights ION Science’s strengths but also openly acknowledges areas where competitors outperform, ensuring an honest and accurate comparison. To download the full handheld PID test data, click the button below.

View Test Data

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