Personal gas monitors are becoming increasingly popular, more specifically multi-gas options. Four to five-gas monitors allow workers to monitor primary gas hazards while giving users the flexibility to customize sensor configurations for their specific detection needs. This one wearable device gives employees a lot of coverage in any environment, providing the ultimate protection against hazardous gases.

With their increasing popularity, there is a vast selection of personal gas detectors to choose from. Most companies make cost their number one deciding factor when selecting the right instrument, but this approach can be harmful. Keeping your staff members safe while ensuring reliable, durable, and easy to use equipment are a priority. The lowest-priced gas detector can mean less protection for users, which is the reverse purpose of purchasing the system in the first place. The price of a gas detector also doesn’t mean it’s the final cost of the device. The total cost of owning the monitor over the long run must be considered. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting a personal-multigas monitor:

Life Span

The lifespan can make a big difference in the total cost of the instrument. Some monitors required replacement after a year to a couple of years, or after so many hours of use. Those devices can sometimes be more appealing since they usually cost less. But investing more money upfront for a device that can last between five to ten years can be more beneficial. Other things to consider when looking at the life span of the device is maintenance capabilities, upgradeable firmware, replaceable sensors, and more since they assist in extending the monitor’s lifespan.

Warranty Length

Every gas detector company offers warranties on their products, and sometimes the period of coverage can reflect the general performance of the device. Shorter warranties can be an indicator of the instrument’s shorter lifespan and may not last long. A general rule of thumb is investing in devices with a minimum warranty of four years. This guarantees if sensors become faulty beyond maintenance repairs or improper functions, the company will replace the part(s) and will not affect your budget.

Flexible Configurations

Companies are also looking for devices that can be a solution across multiple applications to lessen the amount of extra equipment needed. The fewer devices needed on the user makes their job performance more efficient and easier to perform. Another advantage is systems that can also wirelessly connect to the main database to transfer the data from the device seamlessly.

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