A Complete Guide To Benzene

Did you know?

The EU-wide 8 hour TWA for benzene is currently set at 1 part per million (ppm), equivalent to a concentration of 3.25 mg/m3. However, from the 5th April 2024 the long-term exposure limit will be lowered to 1.65 mg/m3, equivalent to 0.5 ppm. This exposure limit will be in place until the 5th April 2026. The long-term exposure limit will be then lowered further to just 0.66 mg/m3, equivalent to 0.2 ppm.

benzene gas factsheet

The below Gas Factsheet is intended to provide the reader with further information on Benzene. This Gas Factsheet will provide you with a better understanding on how our gas detectors can help keep you safe at work.


The complete guide which can be downloaded below provides the reader with an in-depth balance of knowledge covering all things benzene. Using PID, real-time monitoring will ensure that you go beyond compliance in the safety.