ARA – Low Maintenance, Disposable Single Gas Detector

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Further information can be found on ION ARA DOCK4* and Technical Specifications including; range, temperatures, alarms and approvals.

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‘Whats in the Box’

What is the ARA?

ARA is a personal, disposable single gas detector for H2S, CO, SO2 and O2 that provides instantaneous alarms for life-critical safety scenarios.

With ION Science expanding its portfolio of high-performance gas detection instrumentation, the ARA was introduced for compliance monitoring and worker safety. The personal, wearable instruments enable workers to monitor their exposure to toxic gases as well as oxygen enrichment and depletion, alerting them when safe levels are exceeded.

Key Features

  • 24 month or 36 month battery life options
  • Easy to use with single button operation
  • Live readings & instantaneous alarms to protect a users workforce in hazardous environments
  • Event logging download
  • Adjustable low & high alarms
  • User-configurable calibration an bump test reminders
  • Lifetime remaining countdown helps users to plan for future projects and site shutdowns


The IR Link enables ARA to communicate with a PC using infrared. The ARA PC allows users to download 30 recent event logs including:

  • User ID
  • Low alarm
  • High alarm
  • Calibration interval
  • Bump Test interval
  • Self Test interval

Industries & Applications

ION Science’s ARA single gas detectors are designed for use as safety compliance devices to be worn throughout daily shifts within a range of industry sectors including oil & gas, chemical, manufacturing, government & defence, water, aerospace and power generation, and across a variety of applications such as site-wide safety, confined space entry, plant shutdown processes and first response safety. The instruments help workers carry out their work safely and cost-efficiently, alerting the wearer to the presence of unsafe gas levels.


  • Site wide safety
  • Confined space entry
  • Plant shutdown processes
  • fire response safety

ARA’s self-test feature tests the audio, visual & vibrating alarms, giving users confidence that they are in safe hands. Easy to perform in a single button press and with user-configurable reminders, the self-test reassures users that their device is in safe working condition.

Ideal for petrochemical site plant workers and on-site contractors, the small, lightweight ARA single gas detector comprises six models including four gas types:

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