Danish sewage plant uses TVOC to track hydrocarbons

Danish sewage treatment plant, continuous VOC monitoring of sewage lines helps avoid costly and time consuming clean-up of sludge

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Frederikshavn Renseanlaeg


TVOC 2 Fixed VOC detector


Industrial Hygiene

The supply ensures that you and more than 23,000 customers can get rid of your wastewater and rainwater.

Frederikshavn Renseanlaeg have a total of 8 treatment plants, 1 seepage plant and approx. 860 km of sewer lines. They manage approx. 11 million m3 wastewater and rainwater for the 8 treatment plants. The wastewater and rainwater are assisted on the way to the treatment plants via 176 pumping stations.

The supply also takes care of the municipal emptying system. That is, we empty approx. 6,000 settling tanks outside the sewer areas.

In a bid to avoid costly and time consuming clean-up of sludge, Danish sewage treatment plant, Frederikshavn Renseanlaeg, recently installed a fixed ATEX certified Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC) detector from ION Science to help detect potentially dangerous hydrocarbons in its sewage lines.

Rasmus Bendsen, Technical Manager at Duotex A/S (ION Science Denmark Distributor):
Hydrocarbons in sewage lines pose a threat to maintenance personnel and could potentially contaminate the sludge in a sewage treatment plant.

Most people believe that sewage is already a highly contaminated product. However, there is a big difference in the risk to human health from sludge that contains just waste and sludge that also contains hydrocarbons.

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Frederikshavn Renseanlaeg

Duotec A/S supplied the TVOC hydrocarbon detector, battery and wireless communication module in a waterproof IP68 pelicase. The TVOC was mounted through the side of the case to allow air to be sampled while protecting the display and electronics inside.

Supplying a spare battery with the TVOC helped the sewage treatment plant to achieve 100% uptime with only an occasional battery replacement. The spare battery was charged and ready to be fitted by maintenance personnel as required.

Rasmus Bendsen, Technical ManagerDuotex A/S (ION Science Denmark Distributor):

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