ION Science partners with Blackline Safety

Exciting supply agreement allows Blackline to add ION Science MiniPID gas sensors to G7 portfolio through revenue-sharing rental service

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Blackline Safety


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ION Science global leader in the manufacture of gas detection instrumentation for occupational health and environmental monitoring applications – has signed a supply and revenue-sharing agreement with Blackline Safety Corp. to bring an affordable photoionisation detector (PID) to market. Hazardous to the short-term and long-term health of employees, VOCs are emitted by a variety of liquids and solids that can impact an the respiratory system, skin and eyes, as well as cause fatigue, memory loss and affect the nervous system and function of internal organs.

CEO and Chairman for Blackline Safety comments:
“Included in our relationship with ION Science is lifetime sensor maintenance, performed at their facility in the United Kingdom. Every time that a customer installs a new PID sensor cartridge, they benefit from a factory-certified replacement that is maintained by expert technicians.”

Specialised PID sensors use high-energy ultraviolet light to ionise gases into negatively-charged electrons and positively-charged components. VOC levels are measured by monitoring the current flow between electrodes inside the sensor.

Managing Director of ION Science comments:
“In order to bring our proven technology to a wider audience, we forged a unique relationship with Blackline. Rather than a traditional sensor sale to an OEM customer, we offer our PID sensors to Blackline as a rental, complementing how they bring gas detection to the market as an overall service offering.”

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Blackline Safety

Advanced ION Science PID sensors are now part of our overall G7 gas detection portfolio and CEO and Chairman for Blackline Safety services that include a lifetime sensor warranty. Businesses that have not been able to justify the expense of PID technology can now affordably deploy across their teams with known costs. Further, our G7 Complete leasing program can provide these capabilities with affordable monthly payments and zero startup fees.

CEO and ChairmanBlackline Safety

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