Luxembourg Police CSI division use Tiger detector

Luxembourg police crime scene investigation (CSI) division uses Tiger VOC detector for all crime scene, fatal accident and arson investigation.

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Luxembourg Police CSI Division


Tiger portable VOC detector


Arson Investigation

The Grand-Ducal Police is a national general police service responsible for ensuring internal security. In the exercise of their missions, the Police ensure respect and contribute to the protection of individual rights and freedoms.

The police are close to the population, to whom they provide advice and assistance. It acts through preventive, proactive, dissuasive and repressive actions.

Responsible for all crime scene, fatal accident and arson investigation, the Crime Scene Division collects evidence including photographs, takes 3D or photogrammetric measurements and conducts laboratory work.

Luxembourg Police Crime Scene Division or Section Police Technique is using an ION Science Tiger volatile organic compound (VOC) detector to identify potential fire accelerating substances during arson investigation.

Inspector Yves Seiwart, from Luxembourg Police Crime Scene Division:
Our old detector was unreliable so when it needed to be replaced we decided to look for a model from a different manufacturer. I often use detectors from private arson investigators and the Tiger was the one that impressed me the most. We found the website for ION Science Messtechnik and they kindly sent us one which we tested extensively before deciding to purchase.

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Luxembourg Police CSI Division

As well as being well priced, the Tiger is perfect for arson investigation. It has a rugged design, is ready to use within seconds, easy to operate with gloves and can be cleaned quickly with a wet cloth. The filters are cheap and simple to change which is not the case with competitor devices.

The Tiger is so easy to use we didn’t require any additional training. You only have to power it on and it immediately starts to measure. The same applies to the optional calibration kit we use. The accompanying technical documentation provided by ION Science Messtechnik leaves no questions unanswered.

The service provided by ION Science Messtechnik was excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and the Tiger to other police departments and private arson investigators.

Inspector Yves SeiwartLuxembourg Police Crime Scene Division

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