ION Science offer a range of PID detectors that detect total aromatic compounds (TACs) including benzene. Found out more about our range of personal, portable and fixed instrumentation below.
Cub TAC 10.0 eV – Personal

Cub TAC 10.0 eV personal gas monitor has a dynamic benzene detection range of 0 to 5000 parts per million (ppm), with its market-leading ppb sensitivity. This personal benzene gas monitor comes with all the benefits of the Cub 10.6 eV personal VOC detector but has a 10.0 eV lamp utilising a unique light filtering technology to give a reliable aromatic hydrocarbon concentration.

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Tiger XT Select – Portable

For simplicity and ease of use, the Tiger XT Select benzene PID gas detector has been split into two, user-friendly modes: Basic & Advanced. Basic mode is designed to only offer the core functions for the detection of benzene and other TACs. In advanced mode, all operational modes are available including standard running, TAC and Tube mode.


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Falco TAC 10.0 eV – Fixed

Enabled with both Modbus and 4-20mA output protocols, the Falco TAC 10.0 eV offers site-wide networking capabilities, making it equally suitable for both large refineries and smaller manufacturing plants. With the ability to place Falco TAC 10.0 eV wherever it’s needed with confidence, the device assures end users that you can monitor VOCs in one area of the plant or the whole site.

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Titan – Fixed – Benzene Specific

The fixed benzene specific gas monitor is wall-mounted with a dynamic monitor range of 0 – 20 ppm with 0.1 ppm sensitivity to benzene. Titan samples gas from the environment once per minute and within just 60 seconds an accurate benzene measurement is displayed. Titan provides an immediate warning alarm with two operator configurable levels, ensuring your workers are kept safe and protected.

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