ION Science is excited to announce the extension of our exclusive trade-in offer due to overwhelming response.

We are thrilled to announce that our exclusive Tiger trade-in offer has been extended! This limited-time opportunity lets you upgrade to the latest Tiger model by trading in your previous Honeywell Minirae, Tiger or other competitors equivalent model and on top of receiving the latest Tiger model you’ll also be given a FREE PPB sensitivity or Data logging FOC enhancement.

To take advantage of this incredible offer, simply provide your contact details and the serial number of your current instrument by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

Why Upgrade Your Tiger?
The Tiger range, is a renowned set of gas detection instruments designed for precise VOC monitoring, essential for numerous applications, benefiting a wide range of industries including environmental monitoring, oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, and emergency response teams around the globe.

Extended Trade-In Offer Details:

  • Offer Validity: The trade-in offer is extended for a limited time only.
  • Eligibility: Customers can trade in any previous model of the Tiger or a competitor’s equivalent instrument.
  • Upgrade Incentive: In addition to receiving the latest Tiger model, customers will receive a free upgrade to parts per billion (PPB) sensitivity or Data logging FOC capability. This upgrade enhances the instrument’s ability to detect even the smallest traces of harmful gases, ensuring the utmost safety and protection.

The Tiger XT Demonstrates Proven Success in Italy

We’ve recently equipped emergency response teams in Italy with our highly sensitive Tiger XT instrument, significantly enhancing their ability to conduct fire investigations and respond to hazardous materials. This real-life success story highlights how the Tiger XT, capable of detecting down to parts per billion (PPB), plays a crucial role in identifying accelerants and hazardous VOCs with precision.

The Tiger XT’s proven accuracy and reliability have become indispensable for protecting communities and ensuring swift, effective emergency responses. This offer underscores the value of ION’s cutting-edge technology, now accessible to all industries at exceptional value, this success story is just one of many that showcase how the Tiger range is empowering our customers worldwide to save lives and enhance their operational capabilities.

Want to Learn More?

Click below to download the full success story and discover how ION equipped a renowned Italian Fire and Rescue Service with the Tiger XT for precise detection of accelerants and hazardous VOCs.

Upgrade today and receive PPB sensitivity or Data Logging for FREE!

Simply fill out your email address and instrument serial number and the ION Science team will be in touch to redeem the offer. Don’t miss out!