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ION Sciences’ ARA Personal Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector
The Carbon Monoxide (CO) single gas detector is a cost-effective personal detector with 24 months or 36 months of continuous operation depending on whether the standard or hibernation model is chosen. This wearable gas detector has only one button to make use simple and alerts workers when concentration levels exceed set safety levels.

CO gas detectors such as ION Sciences’ ARA CO detector should be considered as they alert the personnel of dangerous levels of gas exposure. Devices with a fast response time and sturdy construction are important for use in harsh environments where CO may occur. ARA CO detectors help to protect yourself/your employers from this potentially lethal gas with a personal CO alarm.

How Can Employers Help Prevent CO Poisoning?

  • Provide personal CO monitors with audible alarms if potential exposure to CO exists.
  • Install effective ventilation system that will remove CO from work areas.
  • Educate workers about the sources and conditions that may result in CO poisoning as well as the symptoms and control of CO exposure.
  • Maintain equipment and appliances (e.g., water heaters, space heaters, cooking ranges) that can produce CO in good working order to promote their safe operation and to reduce CO formation.

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Personal Carbon Monoxide Detector – Key Features

Our personal CO detectors have a self test feature that tests the carbon monoxide audio, visual and vibration alarms to give you confidence before use!
The ARA IR link allows you to download 30 recent CO event logs and configure settings including:
User ID | Low / High carbon monoxide alarms | Self test intervals | Bump test intervals

Date Logging ImageUltimate Flexibility

Our ARA CO monitor provides lifetime remaining countdown which helps users plan for future CO based projects and site shutdowns, while also displaying carbon monoxide data option (live reading or lifetime remaining). This personal single gas detector also incorporates CO event logging download capabilities.

Battery Life ImageUltimate Performance

ARA CO single Gas Detectors can be sold as either a ‘standard model’ which will provide users with 24 months of continuous operation, or at ION Science we also offer a ‘Hibernation model’ which can provide 36 month battery life with a simple one button function. Both models provide live & personal carbon monoxide readings.

Alarm ImageUltimate Safety

Equipped with instantaneous alarms and adjustable high/low CO alarms, the ARA CO Gas Monitor is simple to use and alerts workers when concentration levels exceed set safety levels. Providing fast response time and built with a sturdy shell it can be used in harsh environments, ARA CO also provides calibration and bump test reminders.