GasClam 2 – Continuous Ground Gas Detector

See the benefits of GasClam 2 ground gas monitor, by watching our short video!

Why choose GasClam 2?

GasClam 2 collects unmanned continuous ground gas concentration data as well as parameters that are known to control it – subsurface pressure, atmospheric pressure and water level. This information reduces uncertainty by providing the full picture of what is happening below ground. Also by observing the process controlling the ground gas regime you can predict how it will change in the future.

GasClam 2 key features for ultimate performance:

  • Supports and industry recognised best practice approach to ground-gas monitoring
  • Battery powered deployment for over 3 months (depending on logging frequency)
  • Reduces number of site visits
  • Demonstrates regulatory compliance and due diligence
  • Optimised site management with insights from continuous monitoring
  • GasClam2 ground gas detector fits in to standard 50mm/2” borehole