Geoambient chooses Tiger for humidity-resistant sensor

Spanish geological and environmental consultancy, Geoambient, is using a Tiger PID (photoionisation detector) from ION Science as part of its subsoil investigation activities.

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Tiger portable VOC detector


Soil Investigation/Remediation

A company of environmental and technical studies, Geoambient works to meet your needs in the areas of contaminated soils, geotechnics and hydrogeology.

Safety, quality and the constant application of innovative techniques in all their studies are the main basis of Geoambients work: They guarantee seriousness, professionalism and efficiency in the projects that are developed.

As a result of the entrepreneurial spirit of Geoambint since its inception, they now have the ability to work throughout the Iberian Peninsula and its islands through an extensive network of high-quality suppliers and collaborators.

Barcelona-based Geoambient conducts subsoil investigation, remediation of polluted sites, waste management and technical assessment. The company is using the cost-effective ION Science Tiger VOC detector instrument across one or two field campaigns per month, with each project taking between two and five days. The data is recorded manually by its technical teams.

Spanish geological and environmental consultancy, Geoambient, is using a Tiger PID (photoionisation detector) as part of its subsoil investigation activities. Chosen for its humidity resistant, ATEX accredited MiniPID sensor, the high performance, handheld VOC (volatile organic compound) detector is being used across outdoor sites, on a year-round basis.

Independently verified as being the industry’s best performing PID, the Tiger provided the most stable, repeatable readings, when tested against competing instruments in humid and contaminated conditions.

Albert Sabanes i Fiter, Director de Projectes at Geoambient:

“At Geoambient, we keep updated on the latest technical developments for our industry through regular communication with suppliers, the internet and by maintaining professional relationships. As a result of this on-going research we became aware of the benefits offered by the ION Science Tiger system, including its very good, market leading MiniPID sensor.”

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Geoambient chooses Tiger for humidity-resistant sensor

We conduct subsoil investigation so it is very important to have in situ information of polluted soils to help us decide the best place to take a sample. Our technical teams work on outdoor sites during all weather conditions so the Tiger’s humidity resistant sensor was the most important feature for our business. Of course, the anti-contamination design was also vital to avoid cross pollution and ensure data integrity. So far, I can report that the Tiger is easy to use with high levels of accuracy. It is too early to comment on the calibration and maintenance but initial feedback is positive.

Station ManagerAlbert Sabanes i Fiter, Director de projectes at Geoambeint:

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