Tiger is hot property for German fire consultancy

Handheld photoionisation (PID) instruments used to help reveal defective components, fraud or workshop mistakes.

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Tiger portable Gas Detector


Consultant, Arson Investigation

German fire consultancy, Brandursachenermittlung, located in the city of Bochum, investigates the cause of fires across Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The company’s consultants examine vehicles and residential and industrial buildings, with the intention of revealing defective components, fraud or workshop mistakes.

Brandursachenermittlung, has purchased two Tiger volatile organic compound (VOC) detectors from ION Science for use as part of the fire investigation activities it conducts on behalf of insurance companies, the legal system, vehicle manufacturers and private clients. The advanced hand held photoionisation (PID) devices replaced old competitor systems which had proved unreliable due to poor sensitivity levels.

The Tigers are used to facilitate the detection of fire accelerating substances. Only detected substances or measured values of authorised laboratories are accepted in court. To avoid excessively high costs in every single case, the German consultancy uses the Tigers to select the cases which are worth pursuing.

Marie Fabisch from German fire consultancy, Brandursachenermittlung:
We first had the chance to test the Tiger during a demonstration by another fire investigation company. We were less than satisfied with the sensitivity of our old detectors from another manufacturer – often we smelled petrol before our equipment detected it. They were also increasingly prone to error. We liked the Tiger as soon as we tried it so purchased two of the devices from ION Science Messtechnik.

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“We use the Tigers to identify hydrocarbon compounds, such as those found in petrol, alkanes, alkenes and cycloalkanes. In general we search for every kind of fire accelerating substances, including grill lighters, lighter fuel, liquid glue and cleaning agents. Using the Tiger is relatively simple but it is the compact, easy to hold design which has proved to be a major advantage. We had portable detectors in cases with long probes before which didn’t stand the test. Overall, the Tiger is precise and faultless.”

Marie Fabisch from Brandursachenermittlung:

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