For Tiger Photoionisation Detectors

ION Science Introduces Optional Premium Plus Case for Tiger Photoionisation Detectors

Rugged, environmentally sealed case specially developed to accommodate gas cylinder for quick and easy on-site bump testing

Tiger Photoionisation Detectors – ION Science has launched an optional premium case for its high-performance handheld photoionisation gas detectors.

It is capable of holding various PID accessories including a 34-litre gas cylinder and regulator. This rugged case protects the Tiger from the harshest environments and offers quick, easy access to bump test components.

A bump test is a functional test of a gas monitor. Although not a regulatory requirement, it’s the only way to ensure optimum performance before use. The recommended bump test frequency is normally set by the instrument manufacturer.

A bump test works by briefly exposing the instrument to a known concentration of gas that exceeds the alarm threshold. Accuracy of the instruments reading is confirmed. When the threshold is exceeded, the sounder, lights and vibration function are also confirmed.

The reading is compared to the quantity of gas present, as stated on the test gas cylinder. The instrument is working to the required standard if it goes into alarm and reads within an acceptable range of the actual concentration.

If the bump tests are not within the acceptable range, the PID must be fully calibrated before use.

The premium case is available with all the following products:


Tiger photoionisation detectors accurately measure a wide range of VOC gases down to ppb levels. It has the wides detection range from 1 ppb all the way to 20,000 ppm. It has an intuitive user interface and has many advanced features including various data logging options. The huge battery offers a continual run time of up to 24 hours. Communication to the dedicated software package is via direct USB cable ensuring downloading data is fast and reliable.

Tiger LT

The Tiger LT is a streamlined entry-level product. It still has many of the top features of the Tiger but has a lower detection limit of 0.1 ppm. Like the Tiger, it has full intrinsically safe certification, long battery life and direct USB data connection.

Tiger Select

The Tiger Select is a handheld benzene specific detector. It detects a wide range of Total Aromatic Compound gases which is a sub-group of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Fitting an Ion Science benzene pre-filter tube allows it to detect benzene specifically down to ppb levels. The Tiger Select has all the functionality of the Tiger but uses a 10.0 eV photoionisation lamp.

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