voc-gas-detectors for laboratories

VOC Gas Detectors for Laboratories

The development of laboratory safety and cleanroom technology has enabled much higher levels of safety and cleanliness in manufacturing, pharmaceutical and scientific laboratories and including any other environment in which small particles or gases in the air can be detrimental to the process.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and toxic gases still continue to be present within hospitals, cleanrooms and laboratories due to the type of work carried out. Those responsible for working within these environments face potential implications due to the impact hazardous VOC gases can have on both the health of workers and of equal importance on the work and tests being conducted.

Gas Detection within laboratory environments is essential in order to keep the working environment healthy, safe, and risk-free. To ensure optimal working conditions, the installation of an efficient ventilation (HEPA) system and a gas detection and monitoring system for monitoring VOC gases is critical.

Gas detection technology has brought about an increase in a laboratory’s capacity for efficiency, both within the facility itself, it’s processes and also in the safety of the people who work within this environment. ION Science provide a proven range of personal, portable and fixed VOC gas detectors for laboratories and the pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

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