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ION Science provide transparent handheld PID test data

29th November 2023
Across the gas detection market, where sometimes messaging can be biased and claims inflated, ION Science emerges as a beacon of honesty and reliability with its recent handheld PID test data comparing Tiger XT against alternative gas detectors on the market.
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High-performance sensors underpin semiconductor growth

20th November 2023
Sensors underpin semiconductor growth. As the semiconductor industry continues to advance in technology and innovation, the focus on safety, environmental responsibility, and community well-being is more critical than ever. The role of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in semiconductor fabrication processes necessitates advanced monitoring solutions to ensure the highest standards of safety for workers and neighbouring communities.
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Understanding Mercury

15th November 2023
Mercury (Hg) is a naturally occurring chemical element found in three forms: elemental mercury, inorganic mercury, and organic mercury.
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Innovative Air Quality Monitoring: Exploring NextPM’s Three Patented Technologies

25th October 2023
Discover how the globally acclaimed NextPM sensor, with its three patented technologies, distinguishes itself from competitors.
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Tiger XT Range accessories brochure now available for download

24th October 2023
Experience the full potential of your Tiger XT VOC gas detector, Tiger XTL portable VOC gas detector and Tiger XT Select benzene PID gas detector with our comprehensive range of available accessories.
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ION Science Inc exhibiting at the 2023 NSC Safety Congress & Expo in New Orleans

19th October 2023
ION Science Inc exhibiting at the 2023 NSC Safety Congress & Expo on October 23-25, 2023 in New Orleans, LA.
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Mercury Vapour Indicator (MVI) Discount Offer

16th October 2023
Introducing the state-of-the-art gas leak detection system, which harnesses the cutting-edge Negative Ion Capture (NIC) detection principle to guarantee unparalleled precision and reliability.
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ION Science achieves additional coveted ISO accreditations

5th October 2023
Attainment of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, alongside retainment of ISO 45001 and ISO/IEC 80079-34 further reinforces ION Science's commitment to continuous improvements to excellence, safety, and environmental sustainability.
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Upgrade to Panther and receive a £500.00 discount!

5th October 2023
It's time to step into the future with Panther, and we're making it easier than ever by offering an exclusive £500.00* discount when you trade in your old GasCheck. But hurry, this incredible offer ends in March 2024!
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MiniPID 2: PID Sensor Lamp Explained

28th September 2023
In a Photoionisation Detector (PID) sensor, the lamp type and its associated energy level, measured in electron volts (eV), are pivotal factors determining the sensor's sensitivity to various volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and its suitability for specific applications. Three common lamp types—10.0 eV, 10.6 eV, and 11.7 eV—offer distinct capabilities.
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Benzene Ring Explained

25th September 2023
Introduction: The world of chemistry is filled with captivating stories of discovery and innovation, and one of its most iconic tales is that of the benzene ring. This seemingly modest hexagonal configuration has etched an enduring impression on the realm of organic chemistry. Within this blog post, we will uncover the essence of the benzene ring, trace its discovery, and contemplate the far-reaching influence it has wielded over the domains of science.
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Falco Fixed VOC Monitor used to detect leaks in Global EV Battery Manufacturing Facilities

19th September 2023
This fixed instrument plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of works and the overall manufacturing process when producing lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries for electric vehicles (EVs). Falco is being used in multiple stages of the EV battery manufacturing process but is increasing being used to detect any leaks in individual cells.
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Meet your safety requirements without delays

14th September 2023
In industries where exposure to hazardous gases is a constant concern, having a reliable and cost-effective solution is paramount.
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ION Science Showcase PID and PM Sensors at Sensor Expo 2023 in Shanghai

8th September 2023
Visitors to the event can explore ION's comprehensive range spanning from individual sensors to piezo electric micro pumps and integration kits. The team will also be presenting the world-leading NextPM Particulate Matter (PM) sensor, the latest addition to the sensing portfolio, a product of the renowned OEM, TERA Sensor.
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ION Science: Supporting the Path to a Decarbonised Society on World EV Day

7th September 2023
In a world facing pressing environmental challenges, the need for innovative solutions to combat climate change has never been more critical. As we approach World EV Day on September 9th, a global celebration of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation, it's time to shine a spotlight on companies that are actively contributing to the shift towards a decarbonised society.
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Li-ion Battery Risks Reduced by VOC Sensors

7th September 2023
The safe storage and utilisation of electronics containing Li-ion batteries is of paramount importance to equipment manufacturers, and potential issues with the batteries can be detected early using VOC sensors, before they become a danger to people or the environment.
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Empowering Occupational Safety Through VOC Sensor Innovation

30th August 2023
In the realm of safeguarding workplaces from hazardous levels of toxic and explosive gases, the creators and innovators behind gas detection instruments and systems play an indispensable role. In light of this, ION Science is committed to providing superior-grade, remarkably precise sensors that stand as the epitome of reliability on a global scale.
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MiniPID 2 Advances Towards Winning ‘Sensor Product of the Year’

24th August 2023
ION Science advances towards winning 'Sensor Product of the Year' award for our MiniPID for the Instrumentation Excellence Awards.
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Comparing Methods of Benzene Detection

22nd August 2023
Within this article, we compare methods of benzene detection, focusing on Titan 2 and Gas Chromatography (GC).
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ION Science are exhibiting at SPE Offshore Europe

31st July 2023
Visitors to Offshore Europe 2023 can see the world’s only commercially available, truly selective benzene monitor at booth 1G24 in Hall 1.
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