Tiger XT VOC Detection Range

ION Science has launched a new range of portable VOC detectors, known as Tiger XT, offering users enhanced levels of performance and durability!

The new line of detectors retains all of the market-leading advantages of its predecessors, the Tiger range, and comprises three models: the entry-level Tiger XTL portable VOC gas detector, the Tiger XT portable VOC detector, and the Tiger XT Select benzene detector.

Each Tiger XT product has a humidity-resistant, anti-contamination design and an exterior semi-conductive thermoplastic elastomer outer molding, making it intrinsically safe.

Power management has also been enhanced in the new Tiger XT instruments, which feature a push-to-release button for the rechargeable battery, allowing for a secure, simple-to-operate connection. The charger cradle, which can be wall-mounted, charges the Li-ion battery in around 8 hours, which provides up to 24 hours of normal operation.

“Our instruments are frequently used in the most challenging conditions; forming part of the essential toolkit for environmental, health and safety staff.”

“As a consequence, we are constantly looking to enhance the durability of our VOC detectors, and the new Tiger XT handheld range, is our toughest yet.”

Duncan Johns, Managing Director.

Leading-edge PID Sensor Technology

Each Tiger XT model features the world-leading MiniPID sensor technology, as it’s critically important for the instruments’ performance, offering a rapid response, extremely low levels of detection, and an exceptionally broad measurement range.

In combination, the advanced features of the MiniPID 2 sensors mean that the Tiger XT can detect gases at levels as low as 1 ppb, with measurements up to 20,000 ppm; the broadest range of any VOC detector on the market today.

Summarizing the advantages of the new Tiger XT range, Elliot Rosher, Global Sales Manager says: “Our customers’ requirements are simple; they want great sensitivity, but with a wide measurement range, and they want reliable, stable readings without any effects from temperature or humidity. Importantly, they want their instruments to be extra tough, so we think they are going to be absolutely delighted with the new Tiger XT range.”

Advanced Technology for Detecting Total Aromatics or Benzene

The new Tiger XT Select (XTS) utilizes the ION Science 10.0eV lamp to detect Total Aromatic Compounds (TACs) such as benzene, toluene and xylene down to concentrations as low as 1 ppb. The instrument is supplied with a pack of benzene pre-filter tubes, which enable the selective detection of benzene. This speciation capability for benzene is a major advantage, given the toxicity and associated regulations that apply to benzene, along with the complexity and cost of alternative benzene-specific measurement techniques.

In order to measure benzene, users simply attach a pre-filter tube to the Tiger XTS, which removes other VOCs, so that benzene can be detected in isolation. Throughout the measurement process, the Tiger XTS displays real-time data. It can also provide average measurements for automatic comparison with 15-minute STELs and 8-hour TWAs. To protect the safety of workers, as well as the operators of the Tiger XTS, the device is able to provide visual, audible and vibration alarms. The Tiger XTS can also be used in a standard VOC detection mode without the use of a benzene pre-filter tube.

As the latest generation of ION Science’s world-leading VOC detectors, the Tiger XT range represents the leading edge of gas detection technology; enabling users to protect staff and improve environmental performance.

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