The Titan is a fixed benzene specific gas monitor that is wall-mounted with a dynamic monitor range or 0 – 20 ppm with 0.1 ppm sensitivity to benzene. The device samples gas from the environment once per minute, and within just 60 seconds, an accurate benzene measurement is displayed. It provides an immediate warning alarm system with two operator configurable levels, ensuring your workers are kept safe and protected to the standards required on site. Titan Benzene-Specific Detector

This fixed benzene specific gas monitor has continuous, real-time measurement allowing trends to be monitored over time, and communicated via 4-20 mA or RS485. Data is stored internally and can be downloaded remotely for analysis. Designed to be easily installed and serviced, the modular design of this instrument allows the Ex d case to be installed well in advance of commissioning. The internal service module can be removed and replaced as a remotely serviceable plug and play cartridge.

For ultimate performance, the Titan offers fast and accurate monitoring of benzene down to 0.1 ppm with minute to minute sampling providing continuous real-time data. Its robust separation method ensures benzene specific readings Internally regulated heating for stable operation at extreme temperatures

Providing users the ultimate safety, it features a clear display with visual alarms for indication of benzene levels. Two user-definable independent alarm levels, including optional real-time STEL calculation, are implemented into the device with two relay outputs to provide an immediate warning alarms in unsafe conditions and environments.

Lastly, the system is certified to meet ATEX & IECEx, UL and CSA standards, ensuring users have a device that has 100% confidence in its detecting capabilities. Titan Benzene-Specific Detector

The Titan’s modular design allows ease of installation and servicing, and comes with a 2-year warranty when instrument registered online. It requires little maintenance as it can go service-free for six months of operation. The design also features In-built humidity resistance with no need to compensate, allowing it to be implemented in any field.

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