The SF6 AreaCheck P2 gas detector utilizes relay output for immediate awareness of detected leaks and presents no cross-sensitivity with any other gas or moisture in the air.


With a built-in low flow alarm and self-diagnostic testing, this instrument provides ultimate performance and safety for its user. To provide the best performance in gas detection, the device contains award-winning Negative Ion Capture (NIC) technology for fast and accurate detection down to highly sensitive levels. Audio and visual alarms provide clear indications of SF6 leaks while complete safe set up via PC protects the system from unauthorized access.


The range of detection is from 0 to 2000 ppm with a resolution of 500 ppm specifically for SF6 and 10 ppm in general. The mains power is from 100 to 240 VAC or 50 to 60 Hz with a power consumption of 18 VA. The operating temperature is from 23 to 113 ℉ and has a storage temperature of -4 to 140 ℉. It’s operating humidity range is from 10 to 90% non-condensing humidity and contains a T 1A slow blow fuse. The maximum load or relay output is 2.5 A or 230 VAC and possesses an audible alarm greater than 75dbA.


The Fixed SF6 gas detector has serviceable components with a lifetime of up to 12 months. Measuring stations are maintenance-free, ensuring instrument downtime is minimized. The weight of the device without a wall mounting bracket is 3.31 pounds. The instrument dimensions are H 11.02 x B 6.50 x T 4.92 inches. The SF6 AreaCheck P2 gas detection system has an IP52 protection class.


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