Cement is the key element in concrete, used throughout many processes and industries such as construction. As the influx of construction projects increases, the need for concrete as it is a universally used building component also increases. toxic gas exposure in cement production

During production, gases are produced that could harm humans and the environment, and gas detection solutions must be utilized for safety and monitoring purposes. One of the most common gases in cement production is carbon dioxide (CO2). To produce one of the critical components in cement, lime (CaO), fossil fuels are burnt to heat a rotary kiln and the process of converting limestone (CaCO3) to lime occurs. The limestone conversion process and burning of fossil fuels emit large amounts of CO2.

Various processes in cement plants result in harmful gases being released into an ambient environment, producing high amounts of CO2 and other gases. CO2 is a common toxic gas found in various industries and is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable gas that can be hard to detect without proper equipment. Exposure to CO2 can produce a variety of health effects, and the risks for industrial applications depend on the length of exposure and the concentration of the gas.toxic gas exposure in cement production

ION Science has over 30 years of industry experience designing, manufacturing, and supplying PID gas sensors, gas detection instruments, and leak detectors for a wide range of industries and applications. We offer portable, fixed and personal solutions to promote worker, site and community safety for a variety of industries and processes.

The GasCheck G is a great portable detection solution for monitoring CO2 emissions for cement production. Its advanced system of microthermal conductivity enables advanced sensitivity for the rapid, effective detection of gas leaks down to cc/sec, mg/m³ or ppm levels. This handheld gas leak detector provides effective detection of almost any gas or gas mixture. Robust and reliable, the detector gives stable, repeatable readings of the detected gas.

ION also offers two fixed gas detection solutions to monitor while cement is being produced. The TVOC 2 fixed continuous VOC gas detector has a selectable detection range that is ideal for use in manufacturing and process industries where VOCs are typically present. With a 4-20 mA analog output, the fixed continuous VOC gas detector can be simply integrated into a Distributed Control System (DCS) to provide warnings and enable control of high VOC levels in your working environment. The Falco is constantly drawing in gases. A sampling hose may be connected to extend the reach, allowing users to take measurements from a safe distance so you have an idea of which gases will be present in which concentration before you are exposed to this environment. This allows you to make an appropriate risk analysis and make the right strategy and PPE choices based on the measurement results. toxic gas exposure in cement production

ION Science is a leading gas detection and prevention company offering a variety of wired, portable and personal solutions across a vast amount of applications. To find out more about products offered by ION Science for gas and leak detection, view our products page. For more information about VOC monitoring or if you have a question for us, contact ION Science today.