Tiger detectors used as part of Chinese metro security

ION Science provide 30 handheld PIDs to Harbin Metro Group Ltd which are being used to check passengers’ luggage and bags during security screening.

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Harbin Metro Group Ltd


Tiger portable VOC detector


Security & Anti-terrorism screening

Harbin Metro, the first Chinese underground rapid transit system, is expected to ease traffic congestion in Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang province.

The metro system will be expanded to five lines, covering a total length of 143km by 2020.

The driver-less metro train can accommodate up to 1,888 passengers at a time and run at a maximum speed of 80km/h and an average speed of 35km/h.

Each train is installed with two high-powered air conditioning systems to ensure the mild temperature during winters. Electric heaters are installed in the seats to keep passengers warm, despite the outside cold.

Further demonstrating the flexibility of its advanced gas monitoring instrumentation, ION Science has recently supplied 30 Tiger Photoionisation Detectors (PIDs) to Harbin Metro Group Ltd. Purchased via distributor, ChuWah, the well proven Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) monitors are being used as part of a security and anti-terrorism screening process to check passengers’ luggage and bags.

Lu Yu, ION Science Territory Manager for Greater China:

“The need to introduce new security measures led Harbin Metro Group to choose a significant amount of Ion Science Tiger VOC detectors. These are being used for monitoring passengers, luggage and bags during security screening.”


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Tiger detectors used as part of Chinese metro security

Security personnel are doing quick checks at the entrance of the Harbin metro stations before passengers proceed into the subway to board their trains. This customer has not used PIDs before but our distributor, ChuWah, did a great job of highlighting the Tiger’s suitability for the application. As a result, Harbin Metro Group chose the ION Science instrument due to its robust design, portability and long life rechargeable Li-ion battery for 24-hours usage and fast charging.
This latest order underlines the expanding market in China for high quality gas detection instrumentation. As a result, we continue to look for strategic partners with relevant specialist industry experience.

Lu YuION Science Territory Manager for Greater China

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