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Driving excellence in VOC detection technology for VinFast Automotive

ION Science is proud to be supplying VinFast Automotive with the highest quality technology to protect workers against chemical exposures during the painting and spraying of cars and scooters.

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VinFast Automotive, a fast-growing Vietnamese automotive manufacturer, has been increasing its operations rapidly since its launch in 2017, and such a rate of growth demands the highest quality in health and safety standards. For VinFast’s paint shop and spray booths, the need for a sensitive and accurate VOC detector was identified in order to protect workers from the dangers of exposure. Exposure to VOCs in the short term can cause dizziness, nausea, headaches, respiratory and eye irritation. In the long term, exposure build up can damage vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, and nervous system.

Having identified the need for a high quality and accurate VOC detector, VinFast opted for ION Science’s market-leading Tiger Handheld VOC Gas Detector. The VOCs present in VinFast’s paint booths that required monitoring included toluene, xylene, and butyl acetate among others, all of which can be detected in ppm (parts per million) concentrations by the Tiger. The Tiger was the first purchase VinFast Automotive has made from ION Science and is an active step towards enhanced protection against VOCs for its workers.

The ION Science Solution

The ION Science Tiger PID monitor is a portable gas detector that rapidly and accurately detects volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Its anti-contamination design, humidity resistance in harsh conditions and long battery life make it a key piece of technology commonly used by fire investigation teams across the world. The Tiger provides a detection range of 0-20,000 parts per million (ppm) with a minimum sensitivity of 0.001ppm.

Both simple to operate and service, the Tiger offers easy access to the lamp and sensor with batteries that can be safely replaced in hazardous environments. The intrinsically safe instrument also meets ATEX, IECEx, UL and CSA standards.

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Tiger PID helps protect paint booth workers

As a first-time purchaser of this kind of VOC detection technology, we wanted to choose something that worked easily for our operations and employees. The Tiger works well for us and is really easy to use, helping us stay on top of VOC exposure and improving health and safety conditions.

VinFast AutomotiveSafety & Firefighting Specialist

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