Handheld PID Gas Detector Comparison.

At the core of ION Science’s mission is a commitment to user safety and environmental responsibility. While some gas detection manufacturers may choose to rely on biased messaging to create a facade of superiority, ION Science stands firm in its mission to prioritise user safety. ION Science backs their vision that transcends market competition — supporting solutions that genuinely protect lives and the environment. The Handheld PID gas detector comparison showcases ION Science’s strengths but also provides an open acknowledgment of areas where competitors do outperform, providing an honest and accurate comparison.

The unbiased product testing conducted by ION Science focused on comparing the Tiger XT VOC detector with two other VOC detectors available on the market. Executed by the ION Product Verification Laboratory (PVL) team, they tested the instruments’ response, clear-down time, detection range, accuracy, battery life, and more. The resulting information has been collated and presented in a clear table, available for download.

While decision-makers may have encountered similar comparisons before, what sets ION Science apart is their commitment to delivering unbiased assessments, utilising only the latest data from 2023.


Handheld PID Gas Detector Trade In Offer.

For a limited time, ION Science are offering a trade in offer for old PID instruments, including the old ION Science Tiger and competitors product such as the MiniRAE 3000 and NEO. Trade in your old PID instrument and receive FREE PPB sensitivity or FREE Data Logging on your next Tiger XT order. For more information on the Tiger XT, watch the short video here.

How To Redeem Offer?

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