Tiger VOC Detector Canadian Hospital

Why a Canadian hospital uses is a Tiger VOC detector

We love being able to demonstrate the diverse range of global applications using our instruments. This was underlined recently with the supply of a Tiger VOC detector to Canada’s St Boniface Hospital by our distributor, Levitt Safety. It is being used to monitor levels of potentially harmful emissions from housekeeping products such as paints, adhesives, floor coatings, new furniture and sanitizers.

The Tiger is being used several times a month by St Boniface Hospital’s health & safety team to obtain a single snapshot reading and for logging data which is then downloaded and converted into graph format for inclusion in hygiene surveys. These are then reported across the department that has been monitored.

Taras Stecy, Safety Coordinator at St Boniface Hospital commented: “We are committed to providing a safe working environment for our staff and patients alike. We had a few issues with VOC levels in the past so decided to introduce an on-going monitoring process. Plus we know that some staff have sensitivities to VOCs and felt an obligation to protect them from the risk of overexposure.

Taras continued: “We purchased the Tiger from Ion Science’s Canadian distributor, Levitt Safety. They offered advice on the most suitable instrument and also provided training to our entire safety group. This hands-on demonstration was extremely useful as it enabled all of us to practice using the equipment.”

John Dodd, Health & Safety Assistant at St Boniface Hospital added: “The Tiger is easy to use and the menu setup is great as it allows less proficient or technical users to operate it fairly easily. It is early days but so far it seems reliable and relatively maintenance free. I think the whole team would recommend the Tiger to other hospitals or healthcare facilities. It has a quick start-up and is very user-friendly.”