Personal Voc Detection In Labs

National oceanography prevents exposure to VOCs with Cub personal VOC gas detector

Southampton’s National Oceanography Centre (NOC) is using two Cub personal PIDs in a move to prevents exposure to VOCs and essential chemicals used in a fume containment cabinet. The leading research facility chose the advanced instruments due to their ease of use and unobtrusive design while providing a quick response to the presence of hazardous VOCs.

The NOC is one of the leading oceanographic research centres in the world. It is operated jointly by the Natural Environment Research Council and the University of Southampton and enjoys the freedom to conduct academic research while maintaining strong industry ties which enables greater reach for its work.

Gregory Slavik, Microfabrication Engineer at NOC comments:

“We needed a secondary control to monitor the possibility of employee exposure to chemicals used in a fume containment cabinet. An online search showed the Ion Science Cub personal PID monitors as being an ideal solution plus the UK distributor, Shawcity, was already set up as a supplier on our procurement system.

“The ease of use and unobtrusiveness to the user while still providing quick response to hazards are the main reasons we chose the Cub instrument. In our opinion, this is a winning combination and made it stand out from competitor devices.”

Attached to NOC employees’ lab coats, the Cubs are used once a day while chemicals are being used. The data is collected and stored for reference purposes, particularly for internal H&S audits to demonstrate that exposure is below short-term and daily limits.

Gregory continues: “There are no substitutes for the potentially harmful substances used in our process so it is vital that all possible safety measures are taken to ensure employees are protected. The Ion Science Cub PID personal monitors are highly sensitive to the other marker chemicals we often use to assess whether the containment in our safety cabinet is effective.”

He adds: “The Cubs provide an independent alarm to the employee if the cabinet is not functioning properly but also records a quantifiable measure of exposure to VOCs. The support from Ion Science has been excellent. After initial set up and once we fully understood its capabilities, we have found the Cubs to be of very high quality with flawless operation. I would not hesitate to recommend both Ion Science and its products.”


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