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With over 20 years experience within the air quality industry, the experts at TERA Sensor have specifically engineered the NextPM Particulate Matter (PM) sensor to enhance particulate matter sensing in a vast range of applications across the globe.

TERA’s NextPM sensor is designed for environmental monitoring and smart city applications, providing real time PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 measurements. What sets NextPM apart from competing products on the market is its three patented technologies embedded in the sensor, providing a premium solution for real-time particulate matter monitoring, ensuring compliance with the highest quality standards.

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Within this optical sensor category, a distinctive feature leverages advanced laser technology to enhance resolution during particulate matter detection. This innovation enables the differentiation of particles with similar signals, a capability not commonly found in other particulate matter sensors.

NextPM incorporates heating resistors located to ensure humidity does not exceed high levels. This reduces the effects of humidity on the measurement of particles and simultaneously increases the sensor life.

The addition of an Aeraulic filter improves the flow design of the sensor and reduces the likelihood of the flow becoming clogged, thus increasing the sensor lifetime.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at some NextPM testimonials:

NextPM was run side-by-side with Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) instruments measuring the same pollutants (GRIMM EDM 180 & Teledyne API T640)/

Very strong correlation between GRIMM and T640 for PM1.0 (R2 ~ 0.97, 1-hr mean); very strong correlations between FEM GRIMM and FEM T640 for PM2.5 (R2 ~ 0.94, 1-hr mean) and strong correlations between GRIMM and T640 for PM10 (R2 ~0.88, 1-hr mean) mass concentration measurements.

NextPM showed very strong correlations with the corresponding FEM T640 data (0.97 < R2 < 0.99) for the measurement of PM2.5 and 24h mean.

These results make NextPM the most accurate in the world for PM2.5 measurement.

The NextPM correlation coefficient with the certified analyser for PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 is very high: >0.95. This means that the NextPM could be able to measure particles as well as a reference instrument, almost 1000 times more expensive, for a daily use.

This first step in the study of NextPM field performances shows that the technology is very reliable and has as high measurement accuracy, near the performances of the certified method in an uncontrolled environment. Also, the technology has almost the same performances for the real time measurement of the three PM fractions, PM1, PM2.5, and PM10.

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