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ION Science exhibiting at Sensors Converge with award-winning sensor range

ION Science will be exhibiting the latest in PID (photoionisation detection) sensors for gas detection applications at Sensors Converge, hosted in San Jose, California, USA from the 27th – 29th June 2022.

ION Science will be showcasing their range of products for the attendees at Sensors Converge, including their flagship product – the award-winning MiniPID sensor. The MiniPID sensor uses PID technology to detect VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and aids in protecting air quality, improving worker health, preventing product contamination and more.

Designed for detecting VOCs over the widest dynamic range on the market without compromising performance, the MiniPID sensor range is designed for both diffuse and in-line pumped sampling. It can deliver a reliable response to thousands of VOCs across many applications.

The sensor is resistant to up to 99% humidity and is the number one choice in terms of reliability and accuracy in readings for VOC gases. It is also the market leader in terms of product lifespan, having a 10,000 hour lamp life. The full MiniPID range includes sensors capable of ppm, ppb, wide range, high sensitivity, 10.0 eV and 11.7 eV detection, making them ideal for multiple applications.

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Manufactured and designed at their UK headquarters, ION Science’s sensor technology and gas detection instruments are used in many industries including: oil rigs, gas refineries, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, semiconductor factories, laboratories, nuclear facilities, air quality monitoring and more. The sensors reflect ION Science’s ongoing commitment to protect the health and safety of workers, public and the environment.

In addition to the full range of MiniPID sensors, ION Science will also be showcasing its range of disc pumps. ION Science offer three disc pump options to fit the needs of many businesses: the BL Series low-cost micropump, the XP Series high performance micropump, and the LT Series long lifetime micropump.

For attendees at Sensors Converge, ION Science can be found on stand number 1417. There will be product demonstrations of the sensors and gas detection instruments, as well as experts in sensors, PID technology, VOC detection and more on hand to answer any questions and to share their knowledge.

To find out more about ION Science and their range of sensors, please visit: