Instrumentation excellence awards

ION Science nominated for three categories at the Instrumentation Excellence Awards 2022

ION Science is delighted to announce it has been nominated for three categories: ‘Sustainability Award’, ‘Best Marketing Campaign’, and ‘Gas Detection Product of the year’ at the Instrumentation Excellence Awards. This welcome recognition of ION Science’s efforts to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly business, excellence in marketing strategy, and of its leading personal hydrogen sulfide gas detector, the ARA H2S, comes as another boost after a successful 2022 so far.

These Instrumentation Excellence Award nominations show ION Science’s dedication to developing new technologies aimed at improving health & safety and urban air quality through VOC (volatile organic compound) monitoring, raising effective awareness of the products through campaigns, and enabling a greener approach to business.

It reaffirms the quality and success of ION Science’s sensor products, which were recognised earlier in 2022 with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, Innovation. The MiniPID 2 sensor, which won this award, was the focus of the nominated ‘Best marketing campaign’ to increase market awareness on the opportunity to purchase all MiniPID 2 sensors and components direct from ION , the manufacture, their global subsidiaries and authorised distributors. The sustainability nomination is also well received, as ION Science are constantly working to be an ever more environmentally sustainable business in all aspects, including in the development of the new environmentally friendly Research & Development Facility at the headquarters in Cambridgeshire.

Duncan Johns, Managing Director of ION Science, said of the nominations:
“As an organisation we are always striving to demonstrate our commitment to the environment and the advanced protection of worker health and safety. Being nominated in three categories that reflect the work we do as a business is a fantastic result and we look forward to seeing the outcome later this year.

ION Science’s environmental commitment can be seen through our current headquarters and future R&D facility. Both are modern and low profile, fitting seamlessly within the landscape for an integrated feel. Use of eco building practices including sustainable materials, energy efficient design and ground source heat pumps make the building much greener to operate. Around the sites, sympathetic landscaping that promotes local plant and insect life has been created. ION also offers extensive EV charging and encourages the use of EV vehicles among staff to further reduce carbon emissions. When combined with a range of products that help to protect lives and preserve the environment, ION Science continues to demonstrate its thoughtful investment and long-term strategic planning for the business, the local community, and the planet.

The nominated ARA H2S for ‘Gas Detection Product of the year’ is designed to protect users from toxic levels of exposure to hydrogen sulfide. Classed as an item of personal protective equipment (PPE), the ARA H2S is completely maintenance free and offers continuous monitoring of exposure to hydrogen sulfide levels. No need to change batteries or sensors or worry about product reliability, the e-chem detection technology inside can operate for up to three years. It offers a choice of display for users, either a lifetime countdown or real time concentration of hydrogen sulfide, and it’s possible to switch between the two if desired. Combined with the ARA DOCK4 bump test and calibration station, the ARA H2S is a cost-effective solution to keep workers safe from this deadly toxic gas.

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