Long-life LT Disc Pumps offer in excess of 5,000 hours continuous operation under the most demanding conditions

As part of its exclusive agreement with TTP Ventus to distribute the award-winning Disc Pump™, ION Science has introduced the long-life LT Series. These latest pumps offer in excess of 5,000 hours continuous operation under the most demanding conditions, with the potential to run up to 10,000 hours for other applications.

The LT Series is designed for applications with demanding operational life requirements. An excellent fit with ION Science’s photoionisation detection (PID) sensors, the new LT-S2-023 and LT-P2-024 models have higher power ratings than other models and deliver high performance without compromising on service life.

All Disc Pumps offer key features for gas detection, monitoring, analysis and sampling industries including silent, vibration-free operation, true pulsation-free flow, fast response to set-point changes, high precision controllability and resistant to magnetic fields.

These benefit many applications by allowing, simpler instrument design – especially for chromatographic systems, lower limits of detection, real-time capability to respond to trigger conditions, intermittent sampling against pressurised lines, and improved user experience in wearable applications.

Tom Harrison the Business Development Manager at TTP Ventus Lts comments:

“Over the first twelve months of our partnership, Ion Science has helped TTP Ventus to establish our presence the global gas detection industry. We’re now delighted to expand the range of pumps we offer to include the new LT Series. These long-life models take advantage of innovative design improvements that allow our pumps to be driven harder, for longer. The resulting performance boost broadens the number of applications that can take advantage of the core benefits of the Disc Pump platform, including fixed systems with long service intervals.”

Most piezoelectric gas pumps rely on the movement of a piezo actuator to compress the gas in a cavity which increases its pressure. Such ‘displacement’ pumps have limited performance because the movement of piezo actuators is very small.

In contrast, Disc Pump’s piezo oscillates at ultrasonic frequencies to create an internal standing wave which enables much greater pressure and flow than traditional piezo pumps.

Turning an ultrasonic standing wave into useful pumped flow requires a highly specialised valve, able to respond in a matter of microseconds. The patent-protected Disc PumpTM achieves this delivering unrivalled pneumatic performance.

Disc PumpTM is already widely used in the gas and leak detection markets and the arrival of the LT series will open more applications.

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