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Supporting World Health Day: How ION Science is committed to Environmental and Social Sustainability.

7th April 2022 marks World Health Day, a key date in the calendar for the World Health Organisation (WHO), and for ION Science. In a decade that has already seen increasing focus and pressure on improving health, protecting the planet, and reducing the impact of emissions, 2022’s World Health Day brings with it the strong but simple message of ‘Our Planet, Our Health.’

WHO have outlined a need for “urgent action to keep humans and the planet healthy and foster a movement to create societies focused on well-being”. ION Science fully supports WHO’s movement and campaign for change this World Health Day. ION Science has a vision of preserving and improving the environment through emission and VOC (volatile organic compound) monitoring and protecting lives. ION Science produces and distributes a wide range of gas detection instruments globally, and MiniPID gas sensors for OEMs.

Fixed gas detectors allow for sitewide monitoring, ideal for use across large areas, including pipelines or storage tanks. ION Science offers the Falco as a fixed gas detection solution for many different industries needing wide range monitoring. Both the pumped and diffusive models of Falco have proven reliability for monitoring VOCs in all types of environments, by detecting and alerting of potentially toxic VOCs helps to keep the air cleaner. This protective device ensures that the working environment is safe for personnel, and provides site-wide safety and beyond which is invaluable.

Protecting the soil of the planet is critical in upholding WHO’s mission this World Health Day. ION Science’s GasClam® provides continuous and extensive ground-gas monitoring for methane migration, VOC and greenhouse gas emissions on landfill, shale and coal seam gas mining sites and continuously collects key data that supports asset managers in the mining, energy, contaminated land, landfill and petroleum industries. GasClam® enables better understanding of assets, improved reporting to regulators and effective risk management of those associated with ground-gas emission and migration.

Underpinning all of ION Science’s instruments is the use of photoionisation detection technology, known as PID. PID sensors are essential for the accurate measurement and monitoring of VOCs. ION Science’s range of MiniPID sensors are widely recognised as the best available PID, thanks to their sensitivity, reliability, and accuracy in VOC detection. By improving the technology available, it’s possible to better contain emissions that negatively impact health and the environment.

As a business, ION Science has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. The Cambridgeshire headquarters are built with eco-friendly principles (such as ground source heat pumps, low impact materials, EV charging, and wildlife landscaping) and the new R&D building will be following suit. ION Science’s core values are rooted in reducing carbon impact, promoting sustainability, and providing excellent employee wellbeing and company culture.

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