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NextPM – Particulate Matter Sensor

Environmental monitoring & smart city sensing technology

NextPM has been designed to meet the very highest performance standards in all applications. Featuring advanced technical specifications that enable ultra-precise measurements to be obtained, even in extreme climatic conditions.

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NextPM sensor - particulate matter

NextPM sensor is the most advanced particle measurement solution available on the market

Providing real-time PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 measurements in both µg/m3 and pcs/L, compared with some alternatives which are only able to estimate PM 2.5 and PM 10. It can detect particle concentrations in the range of 0 to 1000 µg/m3 and between 0.3 and 10 µm in diameter.

With its patented air flow control technology, NextPM can deliver up to 10,000 hours of monitoring without the need for maintenance or calibration and boasts the most competitive cost of operation on the market thanks to its low power consumption, typically less than 80mA in operation.

High Accuracy

Due to its proprietary optical architecture and TERA Sensor unique algorithm, the NextPM is the best sensor to size particles. For this kind of technology, an effective sizing is the former key to a precise PM measurement.

Cost efficiency

With 10 000 hours without maintenance, NextPM offers optimal costs of ownership by reducing maintenance operations.

Quality products for teraQuality product

Each part of NextPM has been specifically designed, crafted and tested by our team based in France in order to meet the highest quality standards and provide the most reliable technology.

Reliability icon Reliability

NextPM integrates dedicated reliable components to remove temperature and humidity interferences on measurement so you can use the technology in a wide use case’s range.

NextPM Technical Specification


Designation Values
Technology Optical
Targeted Pollutants

Particulate Matter


PM1 (μg/m3​ ​&pcs/L)
PM2.5 (μg/m3​ ​&pcs/L)
PM10 (μg/m3​ ​&pcs/L)
Temperature1​ (°C)
Relative Humidity1 (%)

Airflow 2,5 (L/mn)
Size Annex 1 (mm/Inches)
Lifetime >10,000 (hour)


Designation Values
Particle​ ​Size detection range

0,3 – 10 (μm diameter)

Detection efficiency with 0.3 μm diameter particles

>50 (%)

Concentration detection range –
0-1000 (μg/m3 (Arizona dust A1 equivalent)
Detection limit <1 (μg/m3 (Arizona dust A1 equivalent)
Linearity error <5 (%)
Repeatability error2 <3 (%)
Refresh Rate 1/10/60 (sec)
Warm-up time 10 (sec

Temperature Influence

0°C to 30°C

-20°C to 0°C

30°C to 70°C

0 (%/°C)
< +1.0 (%/°C)
< -0.8 (%/°C)

Electric Specifications

Designation Values
Power supply 5.0 (VDC)
Power consumption in operation

<80 (mA)
300 (Maximum)

Power consumption in Sleep Mode

<20 (mA)


Designation Values
UART / Modbus (RS485)​3 Download NextPM User Guide for more informations


Designation Values
Operating conditions -20 à +70 (°C)
253to 343 (K)0 – 95 uncondensed (%)500 à 1500 (hPa)
Storage conditions

-20 à +70 (°C)

0 – 95 uncondensed (%)

500 à 1500 (hPa)



RoHS compliant

Why Choose Us?

ION Science offer more than 30 years in the gas sensing industry and offer both of the world’s best performing Photoionisation Detection (PID) and Particulate Matter (PM) sensors, further supporting the company’s status as a global leader in sensor supply and service.

You have projects but don’t know where to start? We help you on your integration process to meet your goals.

With 3 patents and continuous production control, our sensors are Made In France to meet the highest quality standards.


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Here you will find operating instructions on how to use NextPM correctly

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Communicate with NextPM using RS485 Modbus protocol

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Next Generation Particulate Matter OEM Sensor – PM10 | PM2.5 | PM1

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