gas detection for comprehensive site protection

Many industries operate in hazardous environments, such as and gas, mining, refineries, utilities, shipping, construction, and more where exposure to harmful gases is common. Detecting gas leaks early is critical because if left unresolved, those leaks can lead to injuries and property damage.

Flammable hydrocarbon gas leaks are invisible and often odorless, especially when operations take place outdoors. These gases can be toxic and highly combustible, so working with or around them can put workers in high-risk situations. If workers come in extensive contact with certain gas types and levels, they can suffer injuries affecting the eyes, lungs, central nervous system, or sometimes even death. The statistics show that gas leak incidents are not as rare as they may seem. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated in 2019, there were 642 fatal occupational injuries from exposure to harmful substances or environments, and 99 fatalities from fires and explosions.

For safety and emergency response teams, gas detection is a key focus which usually involves detection devices, monitoring software, PPE and extensive training and procedures. In situations involving hazardous gases, it is critical for facilities to respond quickly to any incident, from detecting gas leaks as they happen to making informed decisions and mitigating risks where possible. If these leaks are not detected, they could result in devastating fires or explosions, which can impact both the safety of workers at the site as well as equipment and the site itself.

Gas and flame detection solutions provide an early warning against these risks, but no single detection technology alone is 100 percent effective. A layered approach is recommended since it integrates multiple types of protection, allowing employers to minimize the risk of flammable gas leaks going undetected while more informed to take action to keep their workers protected.

To enhance safety on a job site, site management should choose a comprehensive gas detection system. The most effective way to deter, prevent and mitigate potential threats is to employ a system safety approach or safety equipment and instruments working together, offering comprehensive protection and providing confidence. The system of protection should be created according to the business structure, safety and production levels necessary for effective operations. Security controls should extend across the area of the site as well as business networks, enabling the facility to protect from potential incidents with an early indication of equipment that is not working properly and leaking harmful gases.

Pioneers in gas sensing technology, ION Science has over 30 years of industry experience designing, manufacturing, and supplying PID gas sensors, gas detection instruments, and leak detectors for a wide range of industries and applications. Our sensor technology and gas detection instruments are designed and developed by a talented in-house team that keeps safety for sites and workers the number one priority.

Our array of gas detection instruments for a variety of potentially toxic work environments streams together to provide customers with a comprehensive gas detection solution, specialized for your specific application. Our fixed, portable and personal detectors meet rigorous requirements and standards set to ensure optimum safety. To learn more information about products offered by ION Science for gas and leak detection, view our products page. For more information about a comprehensive gas detection system for your application, other detection inquiries or if you have a question for us, contact ION Science today.

gas detection for comprehensive site protection