ION Science, Inc. will be exhibiting at AIHA Connect 2024 to showcase its gas detection Instrumentation and sensing technology, specifically designed and developed to protect lives and preserve the environment.

AIHA serves as a pivotal platform for professionals across various industries to converge and discuss the latest advancements in industrial hygiene, occupational health, safety, and environmental management. As a trusted innovator in gas detection technology, ION Science is excited to exhibit its cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance workplace safety and environmental monitoring.

Attendees visiting the ION Science booth (#408) will have the opportunity to explore an extensive range of gas detection instruments renowned for their accuracy, reliability, and durability. From handheld portable detectors to fixed gas monitoring systems, ION Science offers solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of industrial applications, ensuring optimal safety and compliance standards.

Occupational & Environmental Health and Safety Scientists undertake surveys and evaluate risks to health in the workplace by accurately measuring levels of exposure to harmful materials. Occupational Hygienists are concerned with controlling and assessing the risks as well as the short and long-term health effects caused by acute or chronic exposure to hazardous gases.

Gases are measured with precise equipment to help mitigate and preferably eliminate hazards in a workplace. Portable and personal gas monitors, which are considered PPE, are a useful tool in protecting the health and safety of those working in the presence of hazardous and toxic gases.

ION Science is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced gas detection equipment with over 30 years of experience. Our portfolio of instruments includes the personal ARA series with the ARA Dock bump test and calibration station which can test up to 4 ARA detectors—simultaneously reducing gas usage and testing time. Additionally, other handheld detectors are the personal Cub and portable Tiger XT product lines which utilize our market-leading Photoionization technology and are capable of detecting over 750 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and toxic gases.

Our fixed gas detectors are the Falco and the Titan 2. The Titan 2 detects benzene levels as low as .02 ppm, even more accurate than its predecessor Titan. Through meticulous research driven by legislative changes and feedback from Titan users, Titan 2 is a dramatically upgraded wall-mounted gas detector.

Gas detectors are a vital tool in workspaces where hazardous gases are present. ION strives to provide the most accurate gas-sensing technology available. With a dedicated research and development department, research is a core value of ION. ION Science’s mission is to provide premium quality, highly accurate sensors that are the most reliable in the world.

Photoionization Detection sensors (PIDs) are another essential component of gas detection. ION Science sensors can detect VOCs down to parts-per-billion (ppb) and up to parts-per-million (ppm).

ION Science PID sensors provide impeccable accuracy and can be integrated into various instrument types to suit nearly any application. All ION Science MiniPID sensors have a third electrode that nullifies potential humidity interference, delivering a stable signal from 0 – 99% RH. This is the number one reason behind ION Science’s position as the largest PID sensor manufacturer in the world.

The sensitivity of PID sensors is extremely important in many applications; particularly where the sensors are deployed in the measurement of trace VOCs. Recognizing the importance of this feature, ION’s MiniPID range includes the most sensitive PID in the world.

Join ION Science at AIHA Connect 2024 to discover how advanced gas detection solutions can elevate safety standards and protect personnel and assets in various industries.

Visit booth 408 on May 20-22, 2024 in Columbus, Ohio. For additional information, visit our gas detectors and sensors pages for product-related content or contact our team today at and +1 (877) 864-7710.