Managing a fleet of portable gas detectors effectively and efficiently is a key factor in maintaining the health and safety of employees in their work environments. However, challenges may occur that can impede the process or make it more difficult. Equipping every worker with a personal protective device fitted for their specific needs is a big and time-consuming task.

Safety teams can spend hours overseeing safety programs at different plant locations, including writing incident reports, checking in and checking out equipment and keeping records of use and maintenance. By utilizing new and advanced technologies, managing a gas detection fleet can be less demanding and more efficient.

One of the biggest challenges for safety managers when managing a fleet of gas detectors is ensuring that the fleet is ready for operation, and if ignored can result in unnecessary downtime. It is important to have a simple, time-saving system for tracking and managing all devices, letting the safety manager and other stakeholders, including workers and supervisors, have the proper expectation about what and when things will happen. The process should also remove uncertainty and stress by ensuring that gas detection devices are always ready.

Connectivity has digitally transformed gas detection equipment and impacted fleet management, allowing safety professionals within your company to know how best to leverage them so they can have more visibility and control over the fleet. Using technology to automate your gas detectors can save time while boosting productivity and providing insight into actions that should be taken, making it possible for safety managers to take necessary proactive approaches, eliminate frustrations and prevent unnecessary downtime.

Implementing digital solutions consolidates all the data from your gas detection fleet and stores information into one accessible place, providing a broad overview of gas detector compliance data. Staying connected allows managers to achieve safety goals by:

  • Monitor gas detectors from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Maximize detector uptime
  • Manage visibility and alarm activity
  • Promote worker accountability
  • Access real-time data for tracking trends and identifying potential issues

Companies have a responsibility to maintain and enforce safety practices to ensure worker and site safety. Implementing technology helps safety managers improve safety programs and working practices.

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