Over the years, companies have been able to implement safety systems throughout various processes and sites to help maintain workplace safety. However, accidents still occur, leaving many asking the same question: how?

When an accident occurs, companies and their personnel make the same statements. ‘It came out of nowhere,’ or ‘I thought everything was running smoothly,’ and many other variations. But these questions and statements indicate a lack of understanding and recognition of the hazards and risks of the job, equipment and processes from all levels.

Workers and managers cannot manage risks they do not recognize while performing their tasks and daily obligations because they are unaware of signs and other indications of potential issues. Some companies may have gas detection systems in place, but if a potential error occurs with the equipment, that leaves a higher risk of an accident occurring.

Early recognition of potential hazards can reduce or even eliminate incidents through the implementation of reoccurring training programs of the operations on site, the chemicals used and the aspects of each individual process itself. This also improves the confidence of a worker/contractor doing their job while creating a positive work environment that builds a workforce’s competence. Companies should have employees at all levels recognize the risks of different aspects of the job, but most importantly the chemicals used. Teaching workers about the risks of chemical exposure and symptoms will give them the confidence to better indicate if a potential hazard arises.

Secondly, workers should be aware of the gas detection equipment utilized on-site. This includes the purpose of the equipment, its functionality, maintenance requirements, and emergency procedures in case the equipment becomes faulty. Also, companies should utilize detection instruments and systems that are ideal for their industry and processes to have optimum safety standards.

Pioneers in gas sensing technology, ION Science has over 30 years of industry experience designing, manufacturing, and supplying PID gas sensors, gas detection instruments, and leak detectors for a wide range of industries and applications. Our sensor technology and gas detection instruments are designed and developed by a talented in-house team that keeps safety for sites and workers the number one priority.

Our array of gas detection instruments for a variety of potentially toxic work environments streams together to provide customers with solutions to combat hazards within the workspace, specialized for your specific application. Our fixed, portable and personal detectors meet rigorous requirements and standards set to ensure optimum safety. To learn more information about products offered by ION Science for gas and leak detection, view our products page. For more information about hazard risks within your application and the various solutions specific to your needs, other detection inquiries or if you have a question for us, contact ION Science today.